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Day trip to Kalmar

Day Trip to Kalmar

As an international student, my travel goals include exploring as much of Sweden as I can. My last NFGL trip, included a day trip to Kalmar. Kalmar is a city in the Southeast of Sweden in the Småland region by the Baltic Sea. You can also travel to the island of Öland by bridge from Kalmar. The island of Öland is host to the Solliden Palace which acts as a summer home for the Swedish Royal Family! A cool fact that I discovered in my first days in Sweden.

From Gothenburg to Kalmar

Travelling by train to Kalmar from Gothenburg took four hours but it went by quickly. Waking up at 5 was no joke! Since our visit to Kalmar Energi was slated for midday, my friend Nancy and I left Gothenburg by train at 6:00 a.m. and arrived in Kalmar in time to explore the beautiful seaside city.

Day trip to Kalmar

Leaving Gothenburg from Central Station

The first stop on our tour was the turistbyrå (tourist center). A quick tip for anyone travelling around Sweden is to visit the tourist center as they can provide free maps, tips for transport and even a place to exchange money if needed. After a quick talk in English with one of the helpful staff members we were off to explore the city.

Day trip to Kalmar

Tourist Center at Kalmar

Kalmar Slott

The most famous landmark in Kalmar as told by the locals is Kalmar slott (Kalmar Castle). The castle was initially built in the 12th Century as a round defensive tower and later towers were added to become what it is today. Almost any google search of Kalmar will bring up this picturesque view.

Day Trip to Kalmar

View from the North-Eastern side

From the castle we took a walk to Kalmar Konsertmuseum. It is a contemporary art museum which hosts artist talks, public lectures and seminars in connection to the exhibitions. The surrounding gardens were beautiful with the flowers and trees beginning to awake from their slumber.

Day trip to Kalmar

Kalmar Konsertmuseum


Day trip to Kalmar

Gardens at Kalmar Konsermuseum

As we strolled through Gamla Stan(Old Town), we passed by Gamla kyrkogården(Old Cemetery).

Day Trip to Kalmar

Old Cemetery

Our walkabout took us to Västerport (West Gate). This is a beautiful town gate in which a military unit was stationed inside but nowadays it hosts glass manufacturing studios.

Day Trip to Kalmar



Heading back into the main city, we passed by the teatre (theatre) and marveled at the architecture.

Day trip to Kalmar

Kalmar Teatre

I couldn’t believe all the sites we visited in two hours. I must say that Kalmar is a beautiful rather small city. However, can’t wait to come back for summer as it is said to have the most beautiful beaches.

Day Trip to Kalmar

Roaming the Streets of Kalmar

I am looking forward to blogging about my next travel adventures.

Day Trip to Kalmar

Kalmar 2017

NB: As asked, Coming to Sweden: African Edition II is coming up this month so keep tuned!

From Sweden with Love

Tjolöholm Castle

Christmas at Tjöloholm Castle

It’s officially 30 days to Christmas! I’m starting to learn that no one does Early Christmas like the Swedes do. Shop windows are laden with Christmas wreaths and mistletoe and lights are strung on trees across the city. It’s easy to be carried away with the spirit of Christmas.


Clarion Hotel in Gothenburg during the Christmas opening

In this festive mood, the Welcome Services at the University of Gothenburg decided to take an eager group of international students on a day trip to Tjolöholm Castle also knows as Tjöloholms Slott in Swedish to experience a little Swedish Christmas magic.

Tjolöholm Castle

The Castle is open to the public for tours during the summer and over all weekends throughout the year. It has gardens that face the Sea which make for a breathtaking view.

 Tjöloholm castle view

The view from the Castle looking out to the Sea

Interesting Fact: The castle was built for James Fredrik Dickson and his wife Blanche in 1904, but sadly James never lived to see its completion as he died from blood poisoning shortly after construction began.

The tour takes you to various parts of the castle and my favorite part of the tour was seeing the instant hairdryer that was used by Blanche, Frederik’s wife and the shower that sprayed water from all directions. I noted that Blanche had a flair for the most interesting contraptions even if it was the 1900’s. She must have been one cool lady.


Blanche’s instant hair dryer

Christmas fever

After all that walking a hot cup of cocoa and some churros covered in chocolate were in order. The atmosphere was enchanting with all the Christmas trees and lights strung on the trees and all over the castle, however if you’re not such a fan of the cold, I suggest visiting during the summer.


My first Churros

However, despite the weather, I loved the authentic feeling with horse carriage rides for the kids and the Christmas markets filled with all sorts of wares from animal hides, handmade chocolate, home brewed Julmust to baubles and tinsel.


Keep warm and keep checking in to learn about all the fun Christmas and Lucia festivities in the weeks to come!

Christmas fever

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From Sweden with Love!