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CFS16 during endurance test in FSG 2016

THE ultimate engineering competition.

A few months ago, it never crossed my mind to be involved in a project as big as Formula Student, and if we go even further it never crossed my mind being in Sweden, and you know what, that is exactly what I like about decision making, ultimately every single decision will take you one step closer to a new adventure.

First things first, what is Formula Student? And why is it so big? If I had to explain Formula Student (Formula SAE) as simple as possible the only thing that comes to my mind is: THE most challenging engineering competition in the student environment.

CFS16 during Formula Student Germany ©

Formula Student

In my dictionary, engineering means developing and pushing an idea to the limit defined by science (the fun part is when you go over the limit). Now, let’s move on to the question what is Formula Student? Well, Formula Student is the world largest engineering competition at student level, just to give you an example; 249 teams from all over the world participated in registration to take a place in the event held in Germany!

Basically, each university team designs, builds, tests and present their concept of a single seat, open wheel formula racecar. The competition is not won by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning. The car is assessed through different events, both static and dynamic.To test the performance of the car, dynamic events like acceleration, skidpad and endurance take place during competition. Car is also judge in design, cost and in business planning.

I mentioned that the competition is in Germany previously, but the competition is not exclusively held in Germany. There are 10 different competitions around the world: Michigan, 2 events in Nebraska, Australia, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and finally Japan. Germany being the most challenging and competitive one.

Formula Student involves a tremendous amount of effort from everyone in the team, it’s a project that extends for over a year, since the formation of the team until the last day of competition. Moreover, Formula Student it’s not just building a car, it is one of the best ways of getting experience.


CFS16 during Formula Student Germany ©

CFS16 during Formula Student Germany ©

Chalmers Formula Student

This year I have the fortune of being part of the Chalmers Formula Student (CFS17) Team, one of the top teams in the world (the best team in the world according to me but this is just me not being objective). Chalmers has performed quite good over the past years, just last year CFS16 ended up in the 6th place in UK; 2012, CFS12 won the competition in the UK; in 2014, CFS14 got the 3rd place in Germany, but this are only some of the results that Chalmers has achieved over the years.

I joined CFS without knowing what I was about to do, without knowing the amount of time that I would put into a single project, without knowing the number of things that I would learn just by looking at what previous years have done. So far, it’s been quite challenging.

I am part of the Aerodynamics and Exterior Design subgroup, where I work with 2 more team mates adding wings into the car…I know it sounds crazy but trust me, wings are good for race cars. You can expect a post later regarding aerodynamics, right now I don’t want to bore you with engineering facts.

To give you some context, the team consists of about 30 engineers, from different nationalities, everyone with a different background and from different academic programs. This is, in my opinion, one of our best advantages.

Right now we are building the car, every single component from the new complety re-design motors to the carbon fiber rims. CFS latest model will be running 1st of May (or at least that is the plan)

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates on Formula Student, I’m sure I will write again about it!




Student Housing? Relax! You are in Göteborg [UPDATED 2016]

To keep things short, for the best balance between cost, location and space when looking for housing in Gothenburg = pick SGS Rotary. I live there.

Now, exactly one year after I published this post I made some updates for you.

I’d like to thank CHALMERS KINAGRUPP for letting me share their videos with you!

Table of Content:

  1. 3 x ProTips
  2. Don’t get shot! (a sensitive issue in Göteborg still, but we are baring lokal situation all out)
  3. A little on Frolunda
  4. Why Rotary?
  5. About Kjellmansgatan

I don’t think housing in Göteborg is as bad as Stockholm.

My friends complain a lot about the housing here. Don’t be tempted thinking there are many options available. Just play it safe and get a place to stay first (beggars can’t be choosers). I know every August the hostel is full of Chalmers international students looking for housing… Don’t be those guys.

Most common complaints are:

1/ Internet not working

2/ Old building, not clean enough

3/ Expensive…

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.32.45 PM

Looking back a year ago, I just applied to whichever housing that was the cheapest available. I lived in Frölunda. It was cheap, yet relatively far from school. But, it worked out for me.


Tip #1: Where to Start Your Search?

FIRST, I went to the SGS website. SGS is this housing agency for students. I think most foreign students use their service. Many of my friends have grunges with this company, not satisfied with their services (see top three complaints). Beggars can’t be choosers.


Tip #2: What Are Your Options?

Out of the 24 places, I didn’t recognize most of the places…

Why? Because the Swedish students scoop out the “good” places long long long ago, after having queued for a long long time, and moved in for a long time…



ProTip #3: Pick a Good Neighborhood, it is worth the money!

Recently, there are lots of news about shootings in Gothenburg. I just want to say that shootings happen in “rough” neighborhoods on the other side of the river (north side). Gothenburg is still really safe at all times of the day…

Map of shooting locations: Red guns represents shooting in 2014…



A Little About Frölunda

I lived in the Frölunda neighborhood for four month. It is not the most “posh” hood in town… People EXAGGERATE about its conditions. It is not that tough as you imagine. Sure it is populated with immigrants. Sure people warn you about locking your laundry (apparently people steal laundry???)… But it is safe. Really!

Story goes… there’s a deadly shooting in the building adjacent to where I lived 2 years ago. End of story.

But shooting can take place anywhere…

Balance Sheet

Downside to Frölunda is the distance to campus: about 25mins by tram

more downside: SGS owns 5-6 apartments in this large apartment building. Not a strong student environment.

Upside: cheaper housing (I paid 3200kr for this tiny room, see pic below.), and you get a MASSIVE shopping centre at your door step!

Upside +1: the parties there are great!


haha, no I didn’t have a roommate. My friend was just visiting me for the weekend! But you can see how tight the room was!


Occassionally you get 2 month of green water, because the copper pipe is old. People really complained a lot about it. We even had a “green water” party.

Finally, my time at Frölunda was over. The building management decided it is time to renovate this old building. And I got moved to a new place. I had several choices. I choose the one that is closest to school (that one hour of commute took away a lot of my time).


View outside 11th floor at the Frölunda SGS apartment.

A Little About Rotary

I live at the SGS Rotary now. I löv it!

It is almost too spacious! 3800kr. (For an additional 600kr, I get my own bathroom and a much larger room! 10 mins walk to school. Large shared kitchen (reminds me of hostel kitchens)). I FEEL IT IS REALLY WORTH IT.


If you want to enjoy your time in Sweden, having a good nest is important.


A Little About Kjellmannsgatan

My buddy Sid had enough of his old crappy room and requested for a new place. BOOM! one month later he moved into his own room at Kjellmannsgatan. It is around 3800kr as well. Really nice neighborhood.

Pics of the room in virgin condition. I took them as I helped Sid move in.

IMG_1245 IMG_1246

The hallway, one person per door.


back to my kitchen, a picture of the last dinner party…. benefit of having a large common kitchen.






Eat Salmon!

Eat Salmon!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden, world’s capital of salmon industry. I am joined by my friend Fillet the Salmon. Today we will give you access to the inner workings of the meat industry in Sweden, and we will share with you our passion for Salmon.

In order to create common starting ground for our view of the future, I will first share with you what has happened since 2004.




Since 2004, the price of beef has grown most significantly, followed by the price of salmon and then chicken. The price of salmon was largely unaffected by the economic slowdown of 08′. You can rest assured that the price of salmon will continue to grow. So you better eat it now!

Salmon also outperforms its competitors in the meat category. It offers rich nutrition, such as Omega 3-6-9, which is vital to survive the dark and cold Swedish winter.




Below is an example Salmon + Rice, prepared in under 15 mins.



Above, a sample brunch at Chalmers Student Union bar – J.A. Pripps. Salmon is offered during Sunday’s brunch. 117 SEK per person.

Below: an Asian noodle soup with Swedish meatballs somehow mixed in. Takes about same preparation time as Salmon.

IMG_4939 IMG_5471

Above: a stingy piece of steak (depending on the cut) cost almost twice as much as salmon here in Sweden.

Below: Den Svenska Pizza Salad, a Swedish national dish. Yes! Pizza is finally healthy!







Work Cited:


Swedish Drinking Songs (you sing at Swedish Sittning)

Sittning: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

sittning (“sitting”, often shortened to sits or sitzFinnishsitsit) is in Sweden and Finland a seated meal held within a set time frame. In restaurants it may refer to a seating, i.e. the time given for a crowd to have their meal. The term is also used to denote the part of a party that is a seated meal. Though it can refer to any kind of meal, it is often used to refer to a student sittning.







Anyhow… here are some songs you can start learning for next year 🙂

Playlist while you read:




Livet är härligt,

Tavaritj vårt liv är härligt.

Vi alla våra små bekymmer glömmer,

när vi har fått en tår på tand en skål.


Ta dig en Vodka,

Tavaritj en liten Vodka.

Glasen i botten vi tillsammans tömmer,

det kommer mera efter hand.



En viking vill ha livets vann,

hurra, hurra!

Den hastigt i mitt svalg försvann,

hurra, hurra!

Till kalv, till oxe, till fisk, till fläsk,

när alla kärringar vill ha läsk,

då vill alla vikingar ha en bäsk!


När bäsken småningom är slut,

tragik, tragik!

Då bäres varje viking ut,

som lik, sig lik!

Och sen, när vi vaknar, vi sjunger en bit,

sen korkar vi upp Skånes Akvavit.

Skål för alla vikingar som kom hit!

Skål för alla vikingar som kom hit!


A Swedish version of…



Hell and Gore

Hell and gore,

chung hop Father Allan, Allan lay

Hell and gore,

chung hop Father Allan lay!

And handsome in the Hell and tare

hand eller in the half and fore.

Hell and gore …. (drink!)

chung hop Father Allan lay! 


Härjarevisan with translation.

Ja, för nu ska vi ut och härja,

supa och slåss och svärja,

bränna röda stugor, slå små barn

och säga fula ord.

Med blod ska vi stäppen färga;

nu änteligen lär jag kunna

dra nå’n riktig nytta

av min Hermodskurs i mord.


In English:

Yes, now we’re going out to ravage,

drink and fight and swear!

Burn red cottages, hit small children

and say bad words.

We’ll color the steppe with blood.

Now I will finally

make good use

of my correspondence course in murder.


Not exactly the right song, but good tune:



We’re Swedish, We’re Swedish

We’re Swedish, we’re Swedish, we’re far ’way from home

We drink and we fuck and we live all alone

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck

I’d swim to the bottom and drink it all up

But the ocean’s not whiskey, and I’m not a duck

So I’ll go back to Sweden to drink and to fuck.


Cannot find the video on YouTube (can you believe that?)



Lille sup

Lille sup, lille sup

Lille söte supen

Nu ska du, nu ska du

Ner igenom strupen




Drunken Sailor

What shall we do with the drunken sailor,

What shall we do with the drunken sailor,

What shall we do with the drunken sailor,

Early in the morning.



Hooray and up she rises

Hooray and up she rises

Hooray and up she rises

Early in the morning.


Put him in a longboat ’til he’s sober…

Pull out the plug and wet him all over…

Put him in the scuppers with a hose-pipe on him…

Heave him by the leg in a running bowlin’…

Shave his head with a rusty razor…

Put him in the bed with the captain’s daughter…

That’s we’ll do the drunken sailor…


The sun is going up and down

The sun is going up and down

Doo da, doo da

I will never drink again

Hey doo da dey

Hey doo da dey, hey doo da dey

I will never drink again

Hey doo da dey

But… That was just a lie I told

Doo da, doo da

Tomorrow I will do the same

Hey doo da dey

Hey doo da dey, hey doo da dey

Tomorrow I will do the same

Hey doo da dey



Till spritbolaget ränner jag

och bankar på dess port.

Jag vill ha nå’t som bränner bra

och gör mig sketfull fort.

Expediten sade: Godda’,

hur gammal kan min herre va’?

Har du nå’t leg, ditt fula drägg?

Kom hit igen när du fått skägg!


Nej, detta var ju inte bra,

jag ska bli full ikväll.

Då plötsligt en idé fick ja

De har ju sprit på Shell!

Många flaskor stod där på rad,

så nu kan jag bli full och glad.

Den röda drycken åkte ner…

Nu kan jag inte se nå’t mer


Tänk om jag hade lilla nubben

Tänk om jag hade lilla nubben uppå ett snöre i halsen

Tänk om jag hade lilla nubben uppå ett snöre i halsen

Jag skulle dra den upp och ner,

så att den kändes som många fler

Tänk om jag hade lilla nubben uppå et snöre i halsen


National Anthem

Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord

Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna!

Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord,

Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna,

Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.


Du tronar på minnen från fornstora dar,

då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden.

Jag vet att Du är och Du blir vad du var.

Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden,

Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.



Det satt en mås på en klyvarbom

och tom i krävan var kräket.

Tungan lådde vid skepparns gom,

där han satt uti bleket.

Jag vill ha sill hördes måsen rope

och skepparn svarte: Jag vill ha O P

Om blott jag får, om blott jag får.


Nu lyfter måsen från klyvarbom

och vinden spelar i tågen.

OPn svalkat har skepparns gom,

jag önskar blott att jag såg en.

Så nöjd och lycklig den arme saten,

han sätter storsegel den krabaten.

Till havs han far och halvan tar.


Nu månen vandrar sin tysta ban

och tittar in genom rutan.

Då tänker jag att på ljusan dag

då kan jag klara mig utan.

Då kan jag klara mig utan måne,

men utan renat och utan skåne,

det vete fan, det vete fan.


Den mås som satt på en klyvarbom,

den är nu död och begraven,

och skepparn som drack en flaska rom,

han har nu drunknat i haven.

Så kan det gå om man fått för mycket,

om man för brännvin har fattat tycke.

Vi som har kvar, vi resten tar.



This is not the right video, but it is filmed in Göteborg and it is funny as hell!


Sorry for the long post!




A numerical analysis on the worthiness of bus pass

1. Background

My room is 10 mins away from Chalmers (5 mins with bike)… Is it worth it to buy a monthly bus pass?

2. Cost Analysis

  • A single ticket costs 26 kr and it is valid for 1,5 hrs;
  • A three-month pass costs 1175 kr.

3. Behaviour Analysis

Typically in one week, I…

  • Go to the supermarket, once;
  • Sporadically go for a pint, once;
  • Somehow end up in McDonalds/food places, once;
  • Go to Swedish class, twice.

4. Logged Data

Vasttrafik analysis

During the summer months (April – July), I did not buy the monthly pass. Instead, I bought individual bus tickets with my credit card. I plotted the purchase history vs. date.

*Note, I was traveling for three weeks (gaps in May, June and July) and therefore I didn’t purchase any tickets.

5. Conclusion

  • Clearly, some days I bought multiple tickets…
  • I spent 1436 kr in three month!
  • Breakeven point around end of June
  • Buy the bus pass! It gives you freedom to explore the city at a fantastic price!





PS. Insider tip: learn Matlab before coming to Chalmers

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 18.33.36

Bonjourno, Sweden!

Milan, 26C, partially cloudy


I have a motto for life – “the more I move, the luckier I get”. Perhaps I become a more interesting person, or maybe I become more open minded.

Several Master’s programmes at Chalmers have double degree exchange deal with Stuttgart University and Shanghai JiaoTong University. I thought how cool would it be to spend the second year of my Master’s in Germany (drinking beer and eating bratwürst)… especially for an Automotive Engineering student at Stuttgart.


But I turned down this opportunity… for several reasons.

1/ The Swedes, young and old, speak English near native level… it is easy to forget that I am studying in Europe.  You might not be able to say the same about all German professors. Was ist das?

2/ The Swedes are pretty open to immigrants… the Swedes are generally open to different cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc. I don’t feel like an alien in Sweden!


Third, my mother told me to stay in Sweden.


4/ I changed my mind. I am satisfied with Chalmers education. “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

5/ I met a girl from Italy at Chalmers… Life is full of unexpected surprises. I tried to find an internship position, but failed. When I devoted my life to the machine shop, this happens.


I spent the weekend in Milan with her majesty Eva. I also managed to catch up with Camilla, a Polytechnic Uni. of Milan exchange student I met in Canada. What a beautiful city. Why would anyone leave Italy for Sweden?!! The Milanese explained the education in Italy is much more “theoretical”, whereas Sweden focuses more on the “practical” aspect.


Eva is striking luck up here in Sweden. She managed to settle a one-year biomedical engineering master’s thesis project at a local artificial limb company. I think her “receipt for success” is her über proactive approach to opportunities.

After taking lessons from her, I managed to grab a part-time lab technician position at the Chalmers combustion dept. starting in September. Looking forward!


Midsummer at IKEAtemporary exhibition in Milan


I am rather sad leaving the summery Milan, even though I had a year’s worth of mosquito bites in just one weekend.


Greatest life lesson – ALWAYS remember to bring mosquito repellent!


“the further north I move, the luckier I get!”… back to the wonderful Swedish summer!