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ICRA2016 in Stockholm

Volunteering in International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016)

What can get you a free ticket to the five days international conference on robotics? Being a volunteer in that event. Not only you get free lunch, access to very cool lounge for staff (yes, coffee machine included), but the most important thing, access to all the workshop, seminar, exhibition, even interactive session with innovators and experts in robotics and automation. Plus, ICRA is one of the most prestigious conference about robotics and automation. Continue reading

simma för livet poster

Swim and Helping People

swimming pool

swimming pool

I just have two of my favorite thing done in a same time same place today. Swimming and charity! There is this sports provider company Medley, Swim Sweden and WaterAid are doing collaboration and campaign called Simma För Livet. It translated as “Swim for Life”. Everyone is invited to swim for free in all of the Medley’s swimming pool throughout Sweden. Every meter swim, 10 cents will be donated to WaterAid to provide better sanitation and clean water for those who lacks of clean water and safe sanitation. This campaign happened only one day, but they are having this once a year. They also have some target to accomplish. This is for total swim distance as far as entire coast of Sweden, which is 2580 kilometers. Continue reading