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Göteborg film festival: the most important cinematographic event in Scandinavia

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cinema? Well, now you know that! It’s one of my passions and whenever I can, I always go and watch some good movies, possibly the independent ones.

Why cinema? I’m heading to the answer: today (Friday, 27 January) the most important and largest film festival in the whole Scandinavia is gonna start. And you know where? Here in Gothenburg, my city! That sounds simply wonderful.


Source: https://kinnegbg.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/draken/

Since 1979, Gothenburg has been hosting this great event which has become even more larger over the course of the years. For moviegoers and people who just want to attend something different and particular, it’s a nice chance to get. Along with showing movies, during the festival it will be possible to attend to other related events, such as seminars, music, art, projects analysing new stuff progressing in the film industry, and many other interesting activities – concerning children too!

Participating at this festival would mean immersing in the sea of many international movies, as well as films coming from the Nordic region. Regarding the Scandinavian area, there’s a specific section within the festival called “Nordic Film Market”: basically, authorized personnel such as sales agents, distributors and festival programmers will get to know better the professional Nordic world of movies and TV productions.

Every year the Göteborg Film Festival shows hundreds of exciting films from all around the world during the ten festival days. We travel to every corner to check out the very best.

Jonas Holmberg, art director of Göteborg Film Festival


Credits: Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

The single ticket prices varies from 65 sek to 90 sek, and you should be able to get a festival pass (50 sek) in order to have access to screenings as well as concerts, seminars, exhibitions, and free entry to the festival center at Pustervik. The pass is actually free for students – you should bring with you your Mecenat card

Here you can have a look at the large selection of movies that will be shown. I can reveal you that last week there was a kind of free preview for students, a movie from Argentina called “The Distinguished Citizen”. I decided to go and… according to me, is one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. I really loved the plot and the way the film director shot it, and also I can recall the great performance of the main actor, Oscar Martínez.


Source: http://www.anonimacinefili.it/2016/09/08/venezia-73-la-recensione-in-anteprima-di-el-ciudadano-ilustre-no-spoiler/

Draken, Hagabion, Biopalatset, and some other as well: these will be the place where the movies will make your eyes shine, and your mind think.

Credits featured image: Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

Stockholm Film Festival 2015.

The 26th Stockholm International Film Festival will take place in just over two weeks time and is a brilliant example of Sweden’s appreciation of international art and culture. The spotlight theme this year is Migration.

Taking place over 12 days between 11th and 22nd November, the event will screen 200 films from more than 60 different countries at 9 venues across Stockholm. The 2015 awards have already gained global media attention after the announcements of a few of ‘The Bronze Horse’ winners and the involvement of a renowned Chinese artist.


The Bronze Horse or Bronshästen, is the heaviest award in film at 7.3kg and designed by the graphic designer Fredrik Swärd. It represents the traditional image of the Swedish Dala horse, often seen in gift shops as children’s toys carved out of wood and painted red.

This year, The Bronze Horse award for Lifetime Achievement has already been awarded to English director Stephen Frears (The Program, Philomena, The Queen). After his recent success in depicting Lance Armstrong’s battle with David Walsh in The Program, Frears now joins the likes of Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and Mike Leigh who have all received the award previously.

Ai Weiwei is also set to be a part of the 2015 Festival making it the third consecutive year of collaboration. In 2014, Ai Weiwei sculpted two giant lions out of ice to symbol guards of The Forbidden City. This year, he chairs the jury of the new Stockholm Impact Award whilst also designing the anticipated award itself. The Impact Award aims to highlight films that create opportunities for change and debate around contemporary issues.


Other highlights of the festival include: premier of She’s Wild Again Tonight (winner of the Feature Film Award), Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist, Requiem for a Dream) receiving the Stockholm Achievement Award and Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster) receiving the Stockholm Visionary Award.

Read more at www.stockholmfilmfestival.se

Images: Festival – Stockholm Film Festival/stockholmfilmfestival.se, Bronze Horse – Isa Olsson/stockholmfilmfestival.se, Dala Horse -Amanda Westerbom/imagebank.sweden.se,  Skandia – Emmanuel Castro Skött/stockholmfilmfestival.se, Ai Wei Wei – Gao Yuan/stockholmfilmfestival.se