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Fulufjället Entrance

Finding Old Tjikko: World’s Third Oldest Tree

First of all, allow me to say happy birthday to our beloved Earth. Happy birthday, Earth! I don’t really know how old he is, but I am happy that we declare April 22nd as Earth Day. Now to celebrate it, I will write about the best tree I’ve ever met. His name is Old Tjikko. He lives in Fulufjället National Park, Dalarna, Sweden. He is 9550 years old. Continue reading

Forest in Sweden

How Forest Changed Me

I was born and raised in the big city of Jakarta, a city with population more than 10 million. You see building everywhere. Cars, roads, skyscraper, you name it. It does not really sleep even during the midnight. I thought Jakarta has almost everything a city should have. Until I move to Sweden. One of the very easy thing to spot: it does not have forests. Today is Forest Day so let’s talk about it! Continue reading

Why improvised plans are THE BEST plans.

Today I went to Slottsskogen (the big park in the middle of Gothenburg) with some friends with the idea of playing mini golf, we did not plan ahead this but we thought it would be fun to go there. As soon as we arrived we found out it was closed…what a bummer.

But we didn’t let that affect us, at the other side of the park there is a place where you can play “disc golf”, so we went there. First of all, whaaaaaaaaaat? “disc golf” you said? what the hell is that?


What is disc golf / frisbeegolf?

Disc golf is actually played like traditional golf, but instead of having clubs and a ball you have a flying disc, commonly known as a frisbee (feels so weird when I use the word “disc”, so let’s stick to frisbee from now on). The rules are very simple. A frisbee is thrown from a tee area to a target, which is the “hole”, in this case the target was an elevated metal basket.



Just as a golf course there are 18 metal baskets spread across the forest, some of them are very hard to reach because of the trees and rocks, or maybe I’m not very skilled when it comes to throw a frisbee. For me it was very fun, and at the same time I got to explore a little bit the park (I saw some seals in the distance, I’ll go to that part of the park another day so stay tuned).

When I woke up I never thought I would end up playing disc golf, which is the interesting part of improvised plans you never know what is going to happen. Finished in 4th place but it didn’t matter, because it was SO much fun.



For those of you who want to try this as well this is the location of the frisbeegolf course. The price is 40kr for playing and 10kr for the disc. Also here is the website where you can get more information about it (it’s in Swedish tho).

So if you are looking for a weekend activity, I strongly recommend playing frisbeegolf!

Winter Wonderland in the middle of nowhere

It started snowing again on the day I arrived in Sweden 3 days ago. Everything is white again. Ain’t complaining because IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Älmhult is immersed in nature, surrounded by forest and lakes. Many have not heard of this small town. My Swedish friends like to joke that Älmhult is in the middle of nowhere and yet, I think it is one of the most diverse town in Sweden. Älmhult international school is actually Sweden’s largest international school!

Let me now take you through a visual tour of winter wonderland in the middle of nowhere.

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Nature therapy is everywhere in Sweden. Living so close to nature is a free luxury.

enjoying the sun in Tyresta

Tyresta National Park

I am so in love with forest. Walking in it get me a little happier and I can think about lot of stuff. In Sweden, forests are everywhere. Even in big city like Stockholm, we can easily find it. Sweden actually made me realize that a developed country should preserve nature. And I finally get to write about my most favorite national park in Sweden: The Tyresta National Park.

I have walked inside it like 9 or 10 times. During winter to see it turns white and to see the lake got frozen, during summer and enjoy the sunshine and green grass, also during autumn and watch the leaves turn red and yellow. I been to most of the trails inside the park. The round track of 5 kilometers, the longer 12 kilometers, the long lake, the big lake, the burned forest. I even lost my house key in it and have to return the next day (I found the key under some snow layers, really lucky!).

About Tyresta

According to Wikipedia, Tyresta was established on 1993. It is really close to Stockholm, only 20 kilometers away. The park area is 20 square kilometers wide. Consist of 8 lakes and dams. Tyresta is more like a big round forest, where the entrance begin in the south west, and there are several exits. I like the one in the north, so that got me like 12 kilometers of walk. In August 1999, 10% of the area got burned and the source of fire was unknown. But it creates a scenery when walking on the burned area.

bridge in Tyresta

bridge in Tyresta

There are few cabins inside the park for people to rest and enjoy the nature, since most of them located by the lake. There are also spot to start a bonfire. In summer people always come here to make grill with family and friends. Near the main entrance, there are one main building and gallery if you want to buy map or souvenirs.

Some animals we might encounter are horses (in the ranch and fields), squirrels, rabbits, and birds. I have not seen any dear so far.

Trails in Tyresta

One of the best thing in forest in Sweden: they have marked trails. You wouldn’t worry getting lost, unless you are doing random trail. In Tyresta, there are some circular trails ranging from 3 kilometers to 6 kilometers. And also few longer trail that ends up in other exit. One famous local hiking association Sormlandsleden have one walking trail in Tyresta and that is the 12 kilometers path that I like.

Getting there

Lake in Tyresta

Lake in Tyresta

If you go by car, I believe the only car park is located in the main entrance. If you go by bus, search for a bus that goes to bus stop “Tyresta By”. There should be one bus from Gullmarsplan station and one more from Handen station. It will take you to the main entrance. The last bus leaving Tyresta back to those station on weekend is around 6pm. But if you plan to exit to the north, the bus from Nyfors (the name of bus stop) leave until 9pm-ish.

Best time to visit Tyresta

I think most of the time will do. I mean, in summer the weather is so nice and you can swim in the lake. In winter, I call it White Forest, because everything is covered with snow and you can find stalactites and stalagmites. During autumn, find a high ground and you will see the colorful leaves.

I will close this blog with a video of me and my Indonesian student friends hanging out in Tyresta. What I have told them is that Tyresta is beautiful and there are cool lakes and stuff. However when they asked, “How far is the trail?”, I answered with, “Well, not that far”. That is the day I realized that my “not that far” can be “really far” to other people.

Oh and here is more pictures of our trip that day

The group rest and have a lunch

The group rest and have a lunch

Walk in Tyresta

Walk in Tyresta

forest on snow

When Snow Has Covered The Forest

Stockholm finally get covered in snow. It starts like two days ago. Me and my wife just arrive home after 5 days cruise to St. Petersburg in Russia, tired and a little exhausted. We sleep for couple of hours. She wake me up with scream. “Snow!” After some weeks being teased by the “Shy” snow, now we actually see grass, roads, covered in white blanket of snows. Look so soft and like it calls me to play on it. I go out and took a picture.

The next day, my wife asked me “how does forest looked on snow?” I was like, “Glad you asked!” we quickly prepared some food and hot tea in a thermos, our usual go-trekking-kit. Continue reading