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forest on snow

When Snow Has Covered The Forest

Stockholm finally get covered in snow. It starts like two days ago. Me and my wife just arrive home after 5 days cruise to St. Petersburg in Russia, tired and a little exhausted. We sleep for couple of hours. She wake me up with scream. “Snow!” After some weeks being teased by the “Shy” snow, now we actually see grass, roads, covered in white blanket of snows. Look so soft and like it calls me to play on it. I go out and took a picture.

The next day, my wife asked me “how does forest looked on snow?” I was like, “Glad you asked!” we quickly prepared some food and hot tea in a thermos, our usual go-trekking-kit. Continue reading

An Unexpected Ice Dip… Breaking the Ice 2!

The other day, I was going for a walk with a friend, when we saw this breath taking sight of ice plates floating on the water… If you listen in the video, you’ll see that the noise that they make is actually quite loud! It kind of reminds me of the sound of sea shells on the beach 🙂 Except that we are in winter and it is pretty damn cold.


But anyway, looking at the water, I wondered how cold it really was… I mean, granted, it was about 0 degrees, but I also wondered how it would feel like to be amongst ice cubes floating 🙂

And then, I also realized that it was a while since my last blog post… 😀 So I had no choice but to jump in.

The toughest part was probably smiling in front of the camera while I was freezing my ass off 😀


As this was completely unplanned, I didn’t have a towel, sauna, warm clothes or anything like that… So we run back to my place as fast as we could to have a warm shower 😀

In the shower, I was giggling and smiling the whole time thinking about what a stupid thing I’d just done… 😛 But I was also kind of proud 😀