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KTH Accommodation: Take It or Leave It?

Now that new students has been announced and some of our friend is accepted in KTH, it is now the time to think, talk, discuss and research about next big thing: the accommodation. I get lot of questions from the new students about this. Will it be easy to get a place inside the university? Which student complex is the cheapest? Can I choose the place? I think it is good to share my idea about this matter and maybe few friends can be helped. Continue reading

The schedule book

KTH Graduation Night 2015

If there is a place where everyone inside looks proud, it must be the graduation hall.

By default, as a student of KTH there will be two times we will be invited to the City Hall. The welcoming of new students, and the graduation. Of course unless you have friend’s inviting you to his/her graduation. Last night it was my buddy Abraham Setiawan who get graduated, and he invited me. Continue reading