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Halloween Special: Swedish candy!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of Halloween, especially because when I think about it, I can only think about CANDY! And I’m definitely a candy lover, that type of person that can eat all the candy in the world and never complain.
The thing is, since I got here I realized how candy is part of Swedish culture. Every supermarket that I go, I see a magic wall like this:


The hardest part is to pick your candies, since you have so many different options. You have different chocolates, jelly beans, gummy bears, little fishes with fruit flavor and goes one. But after picking your candies, or choosing a little bit of everything because you can’t decide, you just have to weight your bag and pay! It’s a simple, full of options and delicious process.

PicMonkey Collage

But let’s talk about the most unique of them: the black liquorice flavored candies. People said to don’t come near this candies, but Swedes love it (most of them) and this got me very curious. So I tryied and let’s say that is a very different flavor. Generally, international people don’t like this particular candy, but it is cultural here in Sweden and a few other countries. People say that you have to get used to the flavor and even that people that have this candies in their country have different taste, so that’s why they like it. I really thought I was a total candy person, but after trying this, I realized I’m not all about that.


Sweden is known for its candies. Kids actually have a special day for eating all the candy they want: called Lördagsgodis, translated as Saturday’s Candies, which means a day on the week to stuff yourself with sweets and don’t feel guilty about it! And I said kids, but whenever I see the magic candy wall, I see students, old people and mothers with new born babies in their arms. Now you can see how important candies are for Swedes, right? So if you are a candy lover like me, you will love Sweden!

Why Uppsala?

Hello again!

Today is going to be all about Uppsala, about the university and city I chose to live in for the next two years whilst I do my masters. Since I had so many different motives for coming here, I decided to share them with you.

Let’s start by saying that Uppsala University was the first university in Sweden, founded in 1477. Fun fact: this means that the university is older than my own country (Brazil was “discovered” by the Portuguese in 1500).  Also, in the last couple of years, Uppsala University has been on the list of best universities in the world. If this does not impress you, keep reading, because I have even more motives for you!

Uppsala is a city for the students. Everything here focuses on trying to integrate the students. Making them socialize and feel like they belong here. It is a unique experience to be surrounded by young people and to see how the city adapts to receive thousands of students every year. Another plus here, is that in Uppsala you have a student price for everything!

Uppsala is also an awesome place for international students. People here are always willing to communicate in English so everyone can understand. For example, the majority of the Facebook events for the nations have a description in English. Everyone tries to integrate the students that can’t speak Swedish, so you don’t feel left out. This applies to the Professors, restaurants, banks and everything else.

Now comes the fun! Uppsala is famous for it’s student nations. Here, you have thirteen different nations to choose from and be part of. They are responsible for the fun parts of living in Uppsala. All of them have restaurants, libraries, pubs and parties, and have that student price I spoke about too. It gets better! Another cool thing about the nations is that you can work there. Which is a nice way of making new friends and getting extra money at the end of the night.

So, when are you coming to Uppsala? 🙂