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Provocative digital screens for an innovative marketing campaign

When it comes to dealing with social and ethics-related issues such as smoking, it’s not expected to convince people to stop making use of cigarettes or whatever. There might be many reasons why people start smoking – however, there might be many reasons to make them change their mind, likewise.

People normally smoke outside and especially in public open spaces such as streets. So, in order to let them know how important health is for human beings, a good and efficient way would be advertising something that can try to let them think about their choice: smoking. Anyway, a big question mark arises: how to get the attention of so many passers-by?


You’re watching a man coughing in a billboard, aren’t you? Now, watch some passers-by’s reaction:


She’s kind of surprised: something unexpected has just happened. She just passed by the billboard!

I guess you can have the answer just watching this video:

The Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat came up with this cool advertising innovation with a specific aim: helping people, or it’s better to say smokers, to stop smoking, and to sort of push them making this resolution for the New Year, started some days ago.

I wouldn’t say it’s an indiscreet way to change someone’s mind regarding smoke. Rather, it’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s capable of capture your attention, make you turn and look for the reason you did it. And out of the blue you see a man in a strange box coughing just because you held a cigarette or you were lighting one.

It’s not news for Apotek Hjärtat to inspire such original piece of marketing.

Anyway… if you happen to be in Stockholm, it’s there where you can spot the billboards of this provocative campaign!

Nobel Prize Literature Day, Nobel Prize Farewell: Dario Fo, a great human being

It’s a sad morning. A least for me and, I guess, for many people in my country, Italy. Who or what I’m talking about, you might be wondering.

This morning I was drinking my coffee, as the ritual goes regarding my everyday breakfast. But it tasted a little bit bitter. Suddenly, I got a notification on my phone. It was a piece of news of an Italian newspaper. The Italian Nobel Prize for Literature 1997, Dario Fo, has passed away.

And guess what, today the Swedish Academy is going to announce the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016.

Twitter Dario Fo

Source: The Nobel Prize Twitter account

Probably you may not know anything or little about Dario Fo. Let me tell you few things about him, hoping that this will be enough to encourage you to examine in depth his life and his works. He was one of the most famous actors, artists, poets and playwrights that the world has seen after the end of WWII. Quoting the main reason that pushed the Nobel Foundation and Committees to award him the Prize, “… (he) emulates the jesters of the Middle Ages in scourging authority and upholding the dignity of the downtrodden”.

Yes, a jester. By interpreting the critical, satirical and extremely popular essence of Medieval jesters, Fo wanted to pursue the path to justice, standing up for oppressed and fighting against the powerful people. His masterpiece, Mistero Buffo (“The Comic Mystery”), has been performed for thirty years across the world, and it’s been a successful piece of unconventional theatre.

Dario Fo and His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden - 1997

Dario Fo and His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, 1997. Source: nobelprize.org

Dario Fo and his always grinning face. I try to build a picture of him now, wherever he is, thinking about his heritage and kissing his wife, Franca Rame, who died three years ago. Ciao, Dario.

If you want to know more about Nobel Prize, I suggest you to have a look at this previous post on our blog written by Raghuraman.

What do you think about Nobel Prize? Have you ever heard about it before?

A presto.

Source Featured Image: Norra Skåne


Ramadan in Sweden: 21 Hours of Fasting

For the Muslim, Ramadan is the month where we do Shaum (fasting in English) for 30 days. Not eating nor drinking anything from the sunrise until sunset. Back home in Jakarta, Indonesia, we take do our preparation meal at 4am, then stop eating and drinking for 14hours before we can eat again at 6pm. Well, we all know the days are much longer in Sweden during summer. This is one question asked by many of my foreign friends: How did you do it? Continue reading

ICRA2016 in Stockholm

Volunteering in International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016)

What can get you a free ticket to the five days international conference on robotics? Being a volunteer in that event. Not only you get free lunch, access to very cool lounge for staff (yes, coffee machine included), but the most important thing, access to all the workshop, seminar, exhibition, even interactive session with innovators and experts in robotics and automation. Plus, ICRA is one of the most prestigious conference about robotics and automation. Continue reading

the driverless bus

Driverless Bus at Kista Mobility Week 2016

It was two weeks ago when my friend posted the news in our Whatsapp group. “Wow driverless buss, really?” then I quickly check my schedule to see if I can go to their show time. The trial of the driverless bus is part of a program called Kista Mobility Week 2016. It is a technology week held in Kista, Stockholm by Ericsson, Nobina and Kista Science City AB. Not to forget the collaboration with CityMobil2. Continue reading