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Visual Tour of The Science and Maritime Museum in Malmö

Welcome to the Tekniska and Sjöfarts museum

Also known as the Science and Maritime museum, located on Malmöhusvägen in the middle of Malmö, this visit takes you  on a journey through Swedish history to an interactive future.


One of my highlights creeping into an actual SUBMARINE U3 which was in operation during WWII

This was  the first submarine with a fully Swedish design and also the first with a completely welded pressure hull, a construction method developed at the Kockum Shipyard in Malmö (Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad AB).


Operating the submarine’s periscope with a live view of Malmö


Carl Linnaeus,  a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who formalised the modern system of naming organisms called binomial nomenclature, is also known by the epithet ‘father of modern taxonomy’.

Here you see a glimpse of different types of animals preservation and even dissection dating back to the 1700s. It provides a sense of  wonder and curiosity about nature at that time.

IMG_47537078907807 IMG_47499859486IMG_4747897070

Meet the world’s most famous scanian, Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe was a Renaissance man born in Scania (then Denmark, now a part of Sweden), well known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. AT the ‘HIMMEL och JORD’ (heaven and earth) exhibit, the fun thing to do is to enter the ‘dark room’ and steer around the planetary system and navigating around the universe.



Rewind back to the early 1900s and enter the ‘Vehicles of the Future’ exhibition.

This exhibit also highlights insights into how people have historically felt about the future, with a sustainable perspective and take your time to explore the different vehicles, aircraft and engines.

Highly recommended to try this – lifting a horse power. It’s tough, I couldn’t do it alone by myself.

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Do you know Skånska inventions? Toothpicks, pacemakers and nanotechnology are among the 32 inventions from Skåne at the SMART! exhibit


At the second floor of the museum, you can try out various interactive and experimental games with your friends. Try out the ‘brain activity race’ with a friend. You and a friend are seated between a table, facing each other with a band around your head. This band has the capability to track the brain activity and triggers the ball (placed in the middle) to move towards either of you. The trick to winning is to RELAX and not think of anything!

I underestimated the time and had only had 2 hours+ at the museum which was really not sufficient. I didn’t manage to visit the Nordic region´s oldest surviving Renaissance castle which was right across the museum. Well, till next time.

Sweden’s Greatest Cultural Achievements

No one knows you better than Google…

Somehow I came across this conversation in the computer lab one night…what does “Swedish” mean to you.

No need to lie, when I think “Swedish”… meatballs pile up to the top of my list.

Now, what on earth is “Swedish massage”… upon “googling”, a Swedish massage is a massage that makes you feel good. Is there a massage that is suppose to make you feel worse??




What are other “Swedish” things on my list?


1/ Volvo

Every model from the late 70’s to the brand new XC90 test vehicles, you will be amazed by the sheer number of Volvo dominating the streets of Göteborg.


Illustration by Ib Autoni.


2/ Smelly fish

Have you played a prank on someone who has never tried sushi by telling them Wasabi is “green tea ice cream”?

Ja, you have to try surströmming!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 14.15.09


3/ The ladies

SHOCKING FACT… apparently, many/most of the blonde girls in Sweden aren’t blonde. Chemicals…  but would you really care?

Swedes - Expedia

While watching the 2015 World Junior Championship (hockey) in Canada over Christmas break, according to the Expedia commercial, this is what Swedish stereotype looks like to Canadians.


4/ Snus

The locals love this stuff… while socializing, during a lab session, or in class. Everyone uses snus, which is essentially chewing tobacco. There are two versions of it: the amateur version, which is a small tea bag filled with tobacco, and then there is the expert version, which is lose tobacco and you will have to pack it into a small ball.


Have you seen an Indian person neatly eats with his hands? Being able to pack snus requires a lot of finger coordination/motor skills.

IMG_2609 IMG_2762


3/ Blue/purple plastic bags of happiness

Every Friday afternoon you will notice people making happy strides with a purple or green plastic bag in their hands.

In Sweden, beverages higher than 3.5% alcohol content are only sold in the State Monopoly Liquor stores called Systembolaget. If you want “normal” booze for the weekend, you have to dash there before it closes super early Friday night, and it remains mostly closed the entire weekend.

This is the way the Swedish government discourages drinking.

DSC08574 DSC08575

This is what Systembolaget looks like… super “noticeable”.

IMG_2568  IMG_2573

Liquor is really pricy in Sweden. High alcohol percentage beer (4.5%) is also more expensive than 3% ones.

I can afford the 3% light beer. It tastes the same as the 4.5% ones, more or less.

Wine is well priced in Sweden. Very comparable to Canada and the Netherlands…as far as I know.