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Min första snon (My first snow)

I will never forget my first encounter with snow on the 9th of February 2017. It finally snowed in Gothenburg and it stuck to the ground to carpet the city in tufts of white snow. It had snowed earlier on the year when I wasn’t around to see but this time around I was lucky to experience the full-on beauty of the winter snow.

As soon as it started snowing, I checked the weather forecast on my phone and when it said heavy snowfall due to a storm, I was hopeful that this time it meant that the snow would stick and carpet the ground. I waited about two hours to be sure before getting my hopes up and boy, did I get a surprise!

My first snow

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I put on my boots and donned my winter jacket and gloves as well as this cute fuzzy hat my mum had gotten me and told me to wear when winter hit me hard. Until now it had sat at the back of my wardrobe as Gothenburg was never cold enough to wear it. Armed ready to take the selfies of a lifetime and some videos, I left the house full of anticipation.

My first instinct was to touch and feel the snow to know it’s real. It was so fluffy and cold. I had seen so many pictures of Sweden in the snow and it looked so beautiful which made me jealous of my friends in other cities such as Stockholm and Jönköping who had already experienced the full effects of the winter snow.

Today it was my turn!

My first snow

Walking out into the snow was nothing like I could have ever imagined. Everything was covered in a blanket of serene white with the only contrast being the bricked buildings and people going about their daily lives in cars, buses and on bicycles.

It was better than I could have ever imagined. Now I know why Bing Crosby dreams of a white Christmas. It makes everything seem so peaceful and serene.

Min Forsta snon

It felt just like this quote:

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” – Lewis Carroll

My first snow will be an experience I will never forget. Sweden clearly has a lot more firsts in store for me and I’m looking forward to everyone one of them!

My first snow

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From Sweden with Love!

A winter walk around Kiruna at -20°C

I took this short movie when I went walking around the town of Kiruna, in the north of Sweden. It’s a pretty amazing city, and in the background of the featured image you can see a hill near Kiruna where there is a ski slope, which is also an amazing place to see the northern lights in winter since you are high up without lights and have a panoramic view.

Kiruna fun fact: They are actually moving the whole city center to another location since it was built on top of a mine that they want to keep exploiting!


Beautiful Landscapes of Winter Lapland – Part 1/2

I just wanted to share with you some beautiful winter pictures of IMO one of the most beautiful areas of the world: Lapland.
DCIM102GOPROSemi frozen rivers.

DCIM102GOPROView from the top of the Abisko mountain.

DCIM100GOPROThe snow piles up on top of traffic signs.

DCIM101GOPROVillages covered in snow look like a fairy tale.

DCIM101GOPROThe air is fresh, clean and pure.


Because the sun doesn’t rise very high, all shades are super long.

DCIM101GOPROPeople often move in snow scooters or skis.

DCIM101GOPROCross country skying on frozen lakes

DCIM101GOPROBeautiful typical wooden houses.

DCIM102GOPROFrozen canyon at sunrise.

Winter Wonderland in the middle of nowhere

It started snowing again on the day I arrived in Sweden 3 days ago. Everything is white again. Ain’t complaining because IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

Älmhult is immersed in nature, surrounded by forest and lakes. Many have not heard of this small town. My Swedish friends like to joke that Älmhult is in the middle of nowhere and yet, I think it is one of the most diverse town in Sweden. Älmhult international school is actually Sweden’s largest international school!

Let me now take you through a visual tour of winter wonderland in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_2640pi63657IMG_266947o439634CIMG209794803986565855979709IMG_2721131684708476537537File 27-02-16 15 06 45603869038696893568947438967035CIMG21569989

Nature therapy is everywhere in Sweden. Living so close to nature is a free luxury.

Snow-sliding in Stockholm

First of all, we all know that Sweden and Stockholm turns into winterland, or snowland, or white city, during winter. This year we have quite a cold winter. Two weeks ago we have two days of -18 degree celcius. Most people, even the Swede, will no be so happy in this kind of cold. But you know, its nature and you don’t get warmer by whining all day. So we might as well find something fun to do during this time. Apparently there are couple of things you can do only in winter, and it is so much fun. Continue reading

Julmarknad – Christmas Market

Coming from England, I thought our homes, towns and shops looked Christmassy – but then I came to Sweden. Here, every window in every house has a Christmas star or candle shining onto the streets below. Every street has stunning Christmas lights hanging between buildings, and every building has a beautifully decorated Christmas tree inside. Also, not to mention it’s almost impossible to go a day without someone offering you a few of the Swedish Christmas biscuits – pepparkakor.

It also appears that there’s a new Chistmas market (julmarknad) every few days here in Stockholm. Last weekend I popped along to my local Christmas market on the island of Stora Essingen.

23696097956_1852ea7a3d_kThe wonderful florist on Stora Essingen had beautiful flower arrangements perfect for decorating rooms with some Christmas foliage.
23354240289_a6e6fa6e6c_k23095122683_d4eb1cf67e_kSome not so Christmassy Spanish meats were available to taste and buy! More traditionally Swedish is glögg – a warm spiced and sweet red or white wine, similar to the mulled wine we have in Britain.
23639660411_a4aadc0d18_k23613679212_a5ed92f62f_kLots of handmade and carefully crafted decorations from artists living on the Stockholm island.
23639648331_57aa761729_kMy favourite part of the market was the dog sleigh (see top image) which pulled the local children around the market.23696100106_a4df7b0928_k23613688012_e2fe60171e_kThe market was a prime example of the community spirit I love in Stora Essingen. Everyone coming out on a cold Sunday to have fun and support local businesses.