Semla and coffee- A match made in heaven.

One Last Semla Huzzah!

Semla sure have been basking in the limelight  these past few weeks, what with Dena’s informative Fatdagsbulle post, Francesca’s quirky post about facial trauma and pastries, and Marta’s InstaSemla love affair. Well, never ones to actually do something while it’s at its peak hype, some friends of mine recently decided it was time to have some Semla fun of their own. The problem being, Semla season is pretty much over!

You know that glorious moment of materialism when you’re desperately seeking something and it transitions from being an “Jee, it sure would be nice to have this” to a “I need this in my life right this instant?”

Yeah, that’s pretty much the state of mind they were in.

My friends would not be deterred- They wanted some creamy, almond-y goodness and they were going to get it gosh darn it! And so the hunt was on…

Almost compulsively, they were led to seek out this now-elusive pastry in what was reported as the Last Bastion of the Semla: tourist hotspot Gamlastan, the Old Town.

Their efforts payed off big time when they came across this!

Could it be?

Could it be?

Gods of Pastry Above! It Still Exists!

Not only had they found a semla-vending bakery, they’d lucked out, and by complete chance, found the semla-vending bakery- Taverna Brillo, whose semla are famed far and wide as being among the best in town. Hurriedly ushering themselves through the door, they plead, begged and bargained with store attendant Evalina to get them some of that confectionery perfection:


If that isn’t the look of endearment in the face of artificially-induced pastry desperation, I don’t know what is.


From left to right- my pals Omar, Louis and Magdy- from Egypt, Mexico, and Egypt respectively.

From left to right- my pals Omar, Louis and Magdy- from Egypt, Mexico, and Egypt respectively.

Look at those smiles! Those are the faces of three dudes that could’ve probably done without semla in their lives, but thoroughly convinced themselves otherwise.

And finally, this dear wish of theirs came to be:

Semla and coffee- A match made in heaven.

Semla and coffee- A match made in heaven.

That crispy and chewy golden bun, that smooth and frothy full-fat whipped cream, that delicate powdered sugar- Opening a semla store back home is my contingency plan if engineering doesn’t work out.

The law of supply and demand in action ladies and gentlemen- my friends couldn’t find semla, and so they decided that they simply must have it.



An American-Egyptian studying nanotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Mohamed finished his studies in Sweden in June 2015.
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