Seriously Sun? SERIOUSLY?

My Little Eclipse: Friendship is Magic

So, for the past couple of weeks or so, all of Scandinavia- perhaps even all of northern Europe-has been on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what was supposed to be the best darn solar eclipse this decade. Everything was just peachy, we’d had an almost uninterrupted week of gloriously sunny weather. Forecasts placed the event as being most visible between 9AM and 12PM… And then this:

Stockholm Weather

Not only did the temperature dip by a whopping 10 degrees, the cloud cover was completely impervious!

Seriously Sun? SERIOUSLY?

Seriously Sun? SERIOUSLY?

I  took one look at that thick, voluminous cloud cover and literally warp-drived it through the five stages of grief:

1. Denial:

2. Anger:

3. Bargaining:

4. Depression:

5. Acceptance:


Yes… Acceptance- because there really is no use crying over spilt milk. Sure, I felt uber-sad having rushed out in ma’ jammies as soon as I woke up to try and capture a literally astronomical event- but having my friends there to lament with me made things more bearable:

Friends make disappointment slightly less icky -Moe, circa 2015

Friends make disappointment slightly less icky -Moe (circa 2015)

So yeah- The universe conspired against us and robbed us of the opportunity of a lifetime- BUT HA! Joke’s on YOU! I still managed to have fun anyways. (Gonna keep telling myself that.)

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