So easy! Applied to Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) class

Photo: Göteborg SFI office is conveniently located next to the ICA supermarket. So you can sign up before doing your groceries. Efficiency, check!


Göteborg, 14 Mai, 11C, Light rain


Tuition paying students at Chalmers get to attend a four month (aprox. 16 classes) Swedish Intro course for FREE!

The course is organized by Folkuniversitetet (, which loosely translates into Folk University… maybe you can compare it to “adult education” or “community college”… For me, Folkuniversitetet is a cozy/friendly studying environment, where I spent every Tuesday night learning Svenska.



Swedish isn’t a hard language to learn. Seriously, have you tried French before?



Swedish really isn’t that hard. I mumble and slur my English words so much that people think I’m speaking Swedish.


The other digital ambassadors have been making good progress… some handy tips:

  1. Dena:
  2. Jesus:

But the truth is…my Swedish isn’t going so well. It is my fault. I didn’t put enough time/effort into it. At Folkuniversitetet, I listen to my Swedish teacher preach while I stuff dinner into my face. Afterwards, I usually doze-off, thanks to a day of hard work at Chalmers.




In the back of my mind, I knew this SFI course existed, because one Chinese girl said she had difficulty signing up. The reasoning was this course is meant/prioritized for immigrants who are in need.








Then I conveniently forgot about SFI … until one day…








One day my friend Eva tells me she and her friends have signed up for SFI, and sends me the link:






but in essence, what you really need to know is:


Address: Rosenlundsplatsen 2

Opening time:

Måndag 10-16

Tisdag 10-18.30

Onsdag 10-16

Torsdag 10-16

Fredag stängt




Need list:

1/ you + 1 hr

2/ your passport

3/ a paper from the tax office with your Personal Number on it (when you land in Sweden, you need to register at the local tax office. Once you are registered, you will be assigned a Personal Number)





SO EASY! I was shocked how easy and effortless it was!


Approximately 3 month queue period.




Go sign up!











enclosed: some information sheets I received while signing up for SFI


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