An amazing 70km bike ride

I just came back from an amazing bike ride around the north west of Stockholm. Cycling around is one of my favorite hobbies, since I feel that there is something special about seeing a ton of new wild places in a pretty short time. As I was cycling, I thought that it had been a while since I felt that free.

I think that the reason that I felt that way, was that it had been a while since the last time that I went to explore and discover new places… To the point that I had started to feel kind of bored. So, this morning, I took my bike for a ride and decided to change that.

I didn’t follow any particular itinerary or map. Instead, I just felt wherever the curiosity tempted me, and ended up discovering loads of amazing places! Take a look at some of the photos that I took today:

Cycling past a golf court


Arriving to the lake


Watching some people try out windsurfingIMAG4332

Cycling next to the waterIMAG4336


Seeing the typical Swedish dream summer house


Chilling on a bench admiring the view



Cycling past beautiful sights

IMAG4354 IMAG4357

And cycling past rapeseed fields… The contrast of colours was so beautiful!



And there were also plenty of green fields IMAG4405

I went into some nice forests and did some hardcore mountain biking


And took some breaks with nice views


Check out the sailing boat!


I just felt so free, in the emptiness, lost in the middle of green fields and blue sky

IMAG4411 IMAG4412IMAG4414

At some point, my gears screwed up, so I needed to fix them with a screwdriver. Since I didn’t have any, I used my watch instead 🙂 It worked!


70km later, upon arrival to my neighborhood, I just lied down on the sand and chilled out 🙂


As I was lying there, I could not stop thinking: What an awesome ride! I should do this every day! 😀



A Spanish student studying energy engineering at University of Gävle and management at Stockholm School of Economics. Jesús graduated in June 2015.
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