Man! I was so sick!

Out of nowhere, I got really sick this August. Terrific way to enjoy “relaxing” summer vacation… by lying in bed all day.


 Day 1-2:

Realized I had no Advil (it is not sold in Sweden… gave some away to friends… lost the rest)

Realized I ran out of DayQuil and NyQuil, my trusted cold & flu medicine (again, gave away a bunch to my neighbour… not sold in Sweden… poor life choices)

Pro-tip: make sure you bring to Sweden some of mom’s trusted & tested medicine

Dragged myself to the pharmacy, tried finding replacements…


Day 3:

I showed little sign of recovery. Time to visit the doctors!


Step 1: visited a nearby health centre…50 kr. Nurse took my temperature. She recommended me to visit a “drop in” emergency centre clinic that opens after 5PM.

Step 2: visited the emergency clinic… 50 kr. Performed a blood test and some other tests… turned out I had a bacterial infection…


The doctors in Sweden are strict about handing out antibiotics. Doctor told me if my fever got worse, I should go back to the health centre to do more blood tests and get some antibiotics.


Day 4:

Still no recovery…

I had a flight to the Netherlands at 2PM… Ignoring mother’s advice, I took some painkiller and got on the flight.


Day 5:

Still sick. Lying on my friend’s bed, I became worried. What if I had to visit hospital in Rotterdam? Does my Chalmers insurance cover it?


YES! (for tuition fee paying students…)


Chalmers insurance covers you in the Schengen region.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 22.42.31

“Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department

Insurance number: 556479-5598-6”

Day 6 – 7:

Slowly recovering…

Day 8:

Recovered! Time for beers!


Special thanks to old time friend Wei (not the person in white’s), who is actually now a doctor in the Netherlands, for taking care of me while in Rotterdam. Awesome drugs!


Moral of the story:

  • Pack some drugs from home before coming to Sweden. Try reading Swedish instructions when you are having a headache…
  • Don’t travel without (knowing your) insurance. International fee paying students in Chalmers are covered (thumbs up!)
  • Always listen to mom.






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