How to win the Nobel Prize?

Just last week the Nobel prize winners were announced. As many of you would already be aware that the Nobel prizes are decided and awarded by various Swedish and Norwegian committees. All prizes except the Peace Prize are awarded in Stockholm. The Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo.

Freakonomics recently did a podcast called ‘How to win a Nobel Prize’. I really enjoyed the podcast and thought I’d share it with you. Professor Per Strömberg is interviewed in the podcast. He is a Professor of Finance at SSE and also part of the committee that votes for the winner of the Nobel prize!

The podcast touches upon the history of the prize and highlights a lot of fun facts about the prize. Per is bound by a strong confidentiality agreements and does not reveal too much about the selection process, but is nevertheless insightful and fun to listen to, cracking all those jokes! Among other things, they also talk about how the Nobel Prize committee calls the winners and proves to them that it is not a prank call!

A small summary from the podcast:

So how do you get one of those babies for yourself? The first step is to become an economist, although occasionally a political scientist or psychologist will win the prize. You then have to compile a body of research that a handful of Swedish gatekeepers consider world-class. You also better be patient. This is not a prize for young people.

You can listen to the podcast (during your daily commute?) here

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