How to strengthen your applications to Swedish Universities

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Since the application deadlines are nearing (January 15th, 2016 to be precise), I thought I would make some videos about strengthening your application to Swedish Universities. I would like to emphasize that these are not official guidelines from any Swedish university but just my personal observations and tips.

The first video is about how to think about the application process in general. I make 3 points which are:

1. Grades are not the most important thing in the application so don’t give up or take it too easy.

2. Look at the process as a match making process – how the university, country and you fit in with each other

3. Look at the process as a learning process – use your rejections as an opportunity to identify weaknesses, learn and improve!

The second video is about CVs. Here I talk about:

1. Keep it one page long, if Steve Jobs can do it, so can you!

2. Give international context – remember that the person who is reading the CV might have never been to your country or worked in your industry!

3. Use the Problem-Action-Result (PAR) framework – Make it personal

4. Show entrepreneurial instinct and leadership qualities – Always a bonus

5. Check and recheck till every sentence and every word adds some value

BONUS: Check out Sara Rywe’s CV of success and failures. She was a student at SSE. She CV went viral here in Sweden and was covered by all the newspapers! Its an innovative way to approach the whole CV thing!

The third video I talk about the motivation letter:

1. Start with your mission or vision and why this program is the perfect fit for your future goals. Use this to give a story to your name, make it memorable and interesting.

2. The second part talk about your skills, qualities and values – Give examples and make them tangible. Think about unique skills.

3. Finish with you you want to be a part of this program, university and country. Again, give a personal and genuine experience or story as to why you choose this program.

4. Check and recheck till every sentence and every word adds some value. Make sure the letter sounds like you and not like someone you want to be.

 Have added links to a lot of resources below:


Motivation Letter:

Application process to Swedish Universities:

Best of luck with your applications!!

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