Photos from Uppsala

Yesterday I went out with my camera and took some random photos of the city and select the ones I like the most to show you. It was a very cold but sunny day, so the light was perfect to take some pictures! I hope you like it.
4This is Ekonomikum, the building where I have most of my classes. Here you find the departments of Economic History, Business Studies, Commercial Law, Informatics and Media, Geography, Economics and Statistics.
2The University Main Building is one of the most beautiful ones in the city (in my opinion).
3This is at Uppsala Centralstation. I call the Sea of Bikes (hehe) and there were more bikes to the left, to the right and behind me.
6The centrum. With the Fyrisån or Fyris river crossing the city and the last colorful leaves of autumn. In the back, the red brick building is Västgöta Nation, the nation I decided to join and the one with the oldest building in town (from 1604). Would you like to read a post about the Nations here in Uppsala? You can tell me in the comments!
5This is in the comercial centrum of the city, close to the Centralstation. Here you can see the 15:30 sunset that we have in this season, in other words: winter is coming.
I hope you liked this randoms photos from Uppsala, it’s a simple post but you can learn a few things about the town and see it through my eyes (or camera lens hehe).




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