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Finding part time job in Sweden is difficult. Your chances are higher if you search in your department.

(FYI: Swedish companies often come to universities with research problems. Students are probably the most cost-efficient labor force.)

In my case, at the end of my Internal Combustion engine course, our professor asked if anyone was interested in a part-time position at the Combustion Department… Ja!

As it turns out, a local Swedish company – Cleanergy is asking Chalmers to do some measurements for them. The idea behind the engine is very neat – use fart gas to generate electricity… WHAT A CRAPPY IDEA …joking 🙂

The engine is supposed to look like this:


(Source: http://cleanergy.com)

But it actually look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 16.18.26

As far as I know, professors/researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and Luleå Technical University are both involved. (Do you know where Luleå is?)

The engine is suppose to do this…





(Source: http://cleanergy.com)

Initially I wasn’t super impressed as the project was delayed by two months. It’s Sweden after all. Things move slow and steady… #SwedishProblems

Eventually the project took off.

I guess this is what Research and Development work is like… very different from production… Things move slowly at R&D… and our professor is adding one computer screen each week to show progress.

This is what I pictured myself doing…


This is what we are actually doing:


And the data we produce…


The professor we are working under is a pretty relaxed funny guy.

Flash jump (if you have seen the movie Ted)


You can’t always find opportunities, but sometime they come find you.

Good luck!




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