Farewell to 2015: Music of Sweden

“Music, like an ocean, often carries me away!

Through the ether far,

Or under a canopy of mist, I set sail

For my pale star.”

Charles Baudelaire, the great French poet and a controversial thinker, portrayed music as an unprecedented way of escaping and sailing away. After 148 years of his death, music, which takes us away from our daily struggles and congestions, is still like an ocean for people who know it’s value.

As we are saying ‘goodbye’ to the last year with happy and sad memories, I would like to share how the music was in 2015 in Sweden. Here, you can find a few of Swedish tracks that published in 2015. After an extraordinary year for Swedish music, you deserve to know these songs!

Dante – Champagne Problems ft. Adiam

Dante was a drummer before, however he chose to follow his way. This track shows what waits for the master of electronica and R&B

Pale Honey – Youth

Young indie rock musician, from Gothenburg, proofs that Swedes have a good taste of sound.

Tove Styrke – Ego

After Idol 2009, Styrke started a solo career as an electropop singer and songwriter. Her song, Ego, proves that she is quite good at pure pop.

‪Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Kate Boy is a Swedish synthpop duo from Stockholm. Midnight Sun is one of undiscovered tracks of the duo. They are very popular with the song ‘Northern Lights’ in Nordic countries. Maybe, 2016 will be the year of ‘Midnight Sun’.

‪Nadia Nair – Beautiful Poetry

Nadia Nair has the voice of an angel however she is not very well known in Sweden, yet. However, I totally believe in her. ‘Beautiful Poetry’ is melodic blend of rhythms and lyric.

Elias – Revolution

19-years-old Swedish musician’s voice sounds like a mellowed soul musician. That’s why he is a shining star in Sweden. Most of music commentators name ‘Revolution’ as the best song of Swedish musicians.

If you like the post, you may find a Spotify playlist that I’ve prepared for you. There are only 9 songs and it takes 31 mins to listen. However, I will update the list regularly. Stay tuned!


Featured photo by Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz


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