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15 shots from 2015


1) Gamla Stan – Moving to a new place for a long time wasn’t the easiest decision and my first evenings weren’t always easy. I was so aware of the fact I was really moving, for the longest period ever.  It’s getting this new rhythm, building up a life that makes you able to forget about that. When you meet nice people and do cool stuff you time starts to fly. Luckily that all happened very quickly, and I also had some of my old Belgian friends there to brighten up the first days.


2) Monteliusvägen looking over Gamla Stan – Hooray for visitors! When I have friends or family coming over I start to do all the touristy things again. This picture is taken from Monteliusvägen, where all the tourists go to take the exact same pic. But I think you can see why, so there you go, I did it as well 🙂 There was so much sun back then!!


3) Karlsberg Slott – Stockholm got me running like a bunny. I always take my cellphone with me just in case I encounter something cool. Like this tiny house right around the corner of my home.


4) Anywhere – There are so many bunnies and hares in Stockholm!

IMG_20151212_1447425) Nor Mällarstrand –  Whenever I pass at this place there is always someone feeding the duckies. This one is taken a bit later in the semester, when the sun was setting early and people started hiding in their big coats.


6) I am not the only one with a bicycle, clearly. But I have never seen so many hipster examples as on the day of the cykelkarnaval in Stockholm.


7) Solna Kyrkogård – Here in Stockholm the line between a forest and a graveyard is very thin. I don’t mean to be creepy, but it’s one of my favourite places.


8) Skogskyrkogården – On the first of November so many people gathered on the graveyards to remember our ancestors. Skogskyrkogården is even a UNESCO world heritage site. See, I’m not the only one with the creepy places appreciation syndrome.


9) Uppsala – O autumn, I love you so! Those weeks when all the leaves turn bright red, orange and yellow just anything you snap instantly becomes a painting.


10) Reimersholme – Who would have thought you could take such a foresty picture when you’re in the middle of a city? Yep, you’re in Stockholm.


11) Huvudsta strand – When people start doing crazy stuff to catch an extra bit of sunlight..

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12) I also got to explore some other parts of Sweden. This was taken in Luleå, all the way up North. Even though the sunset there was so early in the day, I couldn’t mind it because it was just so pretty.


13) Luleå – This was also the time I got a first portion of real Swedish layers of snow.


14 ) Solna – The first real snow in Stockholm came quite late this year, and it was only a very very thin layer. Even though it’s nothing like what it is now, there is still something about the very first snow.


15) My very first semester as a blogger is over! It was such a pleasure to do this, and I’m super happy to start the new year doing the exact same thing! Godt Nytt År! May your biggest wish come true.




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