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Quiz on Sweden – 10 questions, 1 Sweden

Can you pass a 10-question quiz on Sweden? Let’s see if you know the basic facts about your possible new home?

The quiz contains questions about some basic Swedish facts that are absolutely true. At the end of the test, you may find answers but please play fair. 🙂

What is this?


A)The Horse of the Apocalypse

B)Still life with horse and flag

C)The horse of Gustavus Adolphus

D)The last Swedish horse


What is this? (public domain image)

A)Royal Palace

B)The Parliament

C)The Stockholm Cathedral

D)The Nordic Museum


What is “Skansen”, at Djurgården in Stockholm?

A)World’s first open-air museum

B)An amusement park

C)A Mediaval fortification

D)An outdoor theatre


In “Sverige”, the local name of Sweden, “Sve” refers to an ancient tribe, and “rige” means country, but in which language?






“Nyckelharpa” is a traditional Swedish musical instrument. What is a literal translation?


A)Key harp

B)Farmer’s harp

C)Bow harp

D)Short harp


Why could we safely say that Nils Bohlin can be remembered as “a good man”?


A)He developed one hand driving

B)He developed the northern gaze

C)He developed the seat belt

D)He developed the bow tie


Which lands flag has the same colours as Sweden’s?

A)San Marino





The lowest temperature ever recorded by in Sweden is -53 Celsius. That was of course in the district of …?






What differs the king from the ordinary citizen?


A)Must be a Christian

B)Cannot own land

C)Must be a teetotaler

D)Is not allowed to drive


Finland, Norway, Denmark all have between 5 and 6 million inhabitants (2015). How does Sweden compare roughly?

A)Doubles the numbers

B)Same as for the others

C)Divides the numbers



Answers: 1)C 2)D 3)A 4)A 5)A 6)C 7)D 8)D 9)A 10)A

Andaç Baran

A master student coming from Turkey and studying Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University. Email your questions to abcinsweden[at]
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