If you are coming to Uppsala, you should watch this show!

Do you want to have an insight into student life in Uppsala? If your answer is “YES!”, I invite you to new Online TV show in which SVT (Swedish Public TV Channel) follows a number of students throughout daily and nightlife to learn more about the craziest city of Scandinavia.

The channel has broadcasted two episodes so far, in which they showed the most fun part of Uppsala through students’ eyes. The first episode covers mostly nightlife and students’ future thoughts that I am somehow familiarJ

In the first episode, you may see my friend Jonathan corking champagne and getting ready for the big ball. Just after a few seconds, my close friend Oscar and his band Slim Harry and the Octones will join you with their performances. After watching the first episode, I just realized that how much cozy and “similar” Uppsala is, after seeing at least 30 friends of mine during the episode. Actually, you may also see me (at 06:58), even though I had no idea that they were recording an online TV show.

The first episode can be seen at


The second episode of the show mostly focuses on nations where students gather together, enjoy together and come up with ideas together. Even though I have less similar faces at the second episode compared to the first one, you may still meet a few of my friends during the show. In the background, you may hear drinking songs and “cheers” coming from nations’ corridors.

The second episode can be seen at


After watching episodes, you may think that the only thing we do here is drinking, but it is not simply true:) The University offers so many opportunities to develop and enrich yourself and the student life is just a companion. A great and cheerful companion…

Just one week ago, Archaeologists in Turkey unearthed a 2,400-year-old mosaic depicting a happy skeleton including the uplifting and wise words: ‘Be cheerful, enjoy your life’. The jovial skeleton is seen resting on a cushion and holding a drink as if to toast the health of people walking over it, just like we toast the happiness of people here.

So we may easily say that during 2400 years, nothing changed so much. Whether you are a person who lives in Uppsala in 2016 or you are a nobleman who lives in Hatay in BC 600, you will always want to enjoy your life:)



Andaç Baran

A master student coming from Turkey and studying Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University. Email your questions to abcinsweden[at]gmail.com
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