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The clock is ticking and your time in Sweden will start in two months. Before joining us in the marvelous country, I want to show some social media accounts that you can follow and keep in touch with “Swedishness”. During these two months, you can start to explore Sweden through social media platforms which operate all over the internet!

  • StudyInSweden on Snapchat

The first and the most beloved one is unquestionably Snapchat! We, all of the bloggers love Snapchat and I am sure you will love our snaps. Every week, one of my friends will use the platform and he/she will share his/her life through the lenses of their phones.

Ps: The Snapchat account is the newest one, we will have some surprises for you as well!

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  • StudyInSweden Twitter and Instagram Account

I hope, you already following our own Twitter and Instagram accounts and staying in touch with us. In any case, you should check your following lists and be sure that we are on your fingertips to ask anything. As you know, Twitter is the best platform to send your questions and get answers.


  • Swedense Twitter Account

This is the account of the country! Everything that is important for Sweden (including Eurovision J), Swedish traditions, funfacts and beautiful scenes from the country will be there for you! And if you are a football fan, You can get every information about Sweden’s national team during Euro 2016!

  • Sweden Instagram Account

Do you love nature? Do you love Instagram? If your answers are YES, you will scroll down this account forever. Each image has its own story and every story exclusively belongs to Sweden! From mooses to ice cold lakes, every detail about Sweden’s nature is there!

  • SwedishLanguage Twitter Account

If you are not sure that your English will be enough to live, learn and explore in Sweden, you are wrong. Almost every person in Sweden speaks English as his or her mother language. However, learning a new language is always good. If you want some hints about Swedish language, follow this account.



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