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Hey folks,

I came to this country two years ago to study Msc. Automotive Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology with a clear defined goal of finding a job in the cars industry in Göteborg. Today I am working as a fresh graduate at Volvo Cars, building next generation station wagons. It has been an amazing and unusual journey.

It is time for me to say goodbye. As this will be my last blog post, I wanted to summarise some old blogs, so it is easier for you to browse. I thank you for your readership.

Life is a game.

Lycka till!



START energy WinterCloth GoToSweden
CFS MoveToSweden dice MedInsurance WinterBeverages
Apartment2 Doctors2 10dollars 20dollars
SpaceFood Raincoat
gotland_01 gotland_02 gotland_03 gotland_04 gotland_05
gotland_06 gotland_07 gotland_08 gotland_09 gotland_10
gotland_11 gotland_12 gotland_13 gotland_14 gotland_15
gotland_16 gotland_17 gotland_18 gotland_19 gotland_20
gotland_21 gotland_22 gotland_23 gotland_24 gotland_25
Milan umea oslo VacationOrExam
Aelska_01 Aelska_02 Aelska_03 Aelska_04 Aelska_05
Aelska_06 Aelska_07 Aelska_08 Aelska_09 Aelska_10
milestone dice
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Chinese-Canadian Automotive Engineering graduate from TU Chalmers. Contact me if you have questions or just want to grab a beer at gimmygoteborg (at) gmail!
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