The Campus Tour: My Town, Uppsala

Hey everyone,

It has been a lot not writing to the blog thanks to the fantastic summer I had. I hope you also enjoyed your summer and ready for a fantastic year with us.

My second semester in Sweden could not start better than this! As you possibly know, I did a campus tour with Marina and showed you university campuses of Southern Sweden! That’s why I wanted to write this blog post to summarize my campus tour. Throughout the following posts, you will read my experiences and observations from different university campuses. Marina will also write some blog posts from her point of view! So Let’s start!

The campus tour started in our beloved Uppsala! The first day of the tour was under the perfect sun and I was so happy to start this fantastic journey from the place I know the most.

Uppsala Town

Throughout the last year, you read dozens of posts about Uppsala. Either Marina or I have tried to give an impression what is like to live in Uppsala. After a long summer, nothing changed in the town, still beautiful, still lively, still full of fun! Under the shadow of the gorgeous cathedral, the city is still shining.

I had chance to see Gustavium Museum and The Cathadrel once more and I snapchated from there to show them to you as well! I hope, you followed me 🙂 If not, hit your Snapchat app, and follow @StudyInSweden

The University

It was so different to visit my own university as a broadcaster! I had chance to show you corridors I walk everyday, restaurant I eat, and nations I hang out! Beside different campuses around the town (Uppsala University is one of few campuses we visited located around the town) I had a chance to observe the space in daytime! Astrophysics Department hosted us to show which cool things they are doing and how they work with “time”, “the space” and “planets”. Beside a perfect tour in the department, a professor from the department took us to the Observatory to check what we will see:)

I am not exaggerating, the university belongs to the town, and the town belongs to the university. They live and let live together! For instance, the botanical garden owned by the university is also one of the most attractive places in the town. Nations are places where the hearth of nightlife beats. Beautiful university buildings where you can study, drink or chill out lay down throughout the river!

It is a privilege to study in the oldest university (Founded in 1477) of the Scandinavia. It is a huge privilege to start the tour from my own town, Uppsala!

Keep your eyes on the blog! Further posts will come day by day! I have tons of stories to share!

You may watch the live stream we did from the campus here and leave some comments below. See you later!


Andaç Baran

A master student coming from Turkey and studying Digital Media and Society at Uppsala University. Email your questions to abcinsweden[at]
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