The Campus Tour: Linköping

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I hope you all are well and ready for another blog post. As you know, I am writing about the campus tour I did with Marina in Southern Sweden. If you haven’t read yet, you may want to read the blog post about Uppsala here.

One of our destinations during the campus tour was Linköping! It is a mid-size town in the center of Southern Sweden and you can pass by it while you are going to Göteburg from Stockholm. However, if you want to see the town, it is promising a lot and it may give you some unforgettable memories! So the university may as well!

Linköping: The Town

Streets of Linköping literally smell happiness and youngness! I am not exaggerating but I should accept that we arrived to the town on the perfect time. When we arrived there, the municipality was organising a kind of carnival on the streets and that’s why it was full of happiness and youngness. The Carnival had a half-marathon for sport-lovers but also a street food market next to running track (Which is a huge paradox:) ). The sun was following us since we were in Uppsala and the streets were full of people from the town or the university.

Linköping is also the episcopal for Church of Sweden and is well known for its cathedral. Linköping is known for its university and its high-technology industry. Linköping wants to create a sustainable development of the city and therefore plans to become a carbon neutral community by 2025.

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The University

The campus of Linköping University is located out of the town where the nature and forest cover all around you. Furthermore, the university offers so many options and entertainment; students barely want to go to the town. This kind of only-on-campus university life is the one I used to have that’s why I loved Linköping University. The university has a huge and green campus where you can practice dozens of sports, chill under the sun (if you have:) ) or study on a desk at the library.

During the tour, we had a chance to attend to one of orientation courses, “Meet the Swedes” and I should admit that I learnt a lot about Swedish people even though I am already living in Sweden for one year.

You may watch the live stream we did from the campus here and leave some comments below. See you later!

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