Campus Tour: Stockholm!

Hey guys, as you saw from early posts of ABC (Uppsala and Linköping), we are having a series of posts about the campus tour we had. This means that you will get a lot of information about the different Swedish universities we visited in the south of Sweden in form of a blog post! WOOHOO. So, let’s start this!

After Uppsala, our second destination was the capital! And we started the day pretty early in the beautiful Stockholm, with this amazing view, that you might have seen before here on the blog or on Instagram haha


Well, Stockholm is the capital so you bet there is a lot happening always and everywhere. Concerts, events and anything cultural like that is happening here. I personally love every corner in Stockholm, the old buildings very close to each other, the streets, the coffee places to have fika… And of course, keep in mind the  fact that it is an archipelago of 14 islands that cross the city and gives it an unique charm. Gotta love Stockholm <3

To start with the tour, we went straight to the Stockholm School of Economics in the center of the city, right next to the Main Library in town. This is only one of the best business schools in the Europe (say whaaatt?) and it offers bachelors and master programmes, as well as MBAs, in the areas of Business, Economics and Finance. We participated in a fun welcoming reception for the bachelor students and got to hang out with Ben, from Australia, one of SSE master students.

Since it was a very tight schedule, we had lunch and went straight to Stockholm University! Since it’s a biiig Uni, the campus is big as it should be! We had a tour in the campus with two students that showed everything for us. I personally loved that campus, because it’s huge, full of nature and there are so many different international courses and programmes from various subjects, like Marine biology! Haha

Again, time to move! This time we went to KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology. And how crazy is this: KTH accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity!! Haha That’s crazy! I’ve heard about KTH before since a lot of Brazilians end up studying engineering here, because the University is known worldwide.

Last but not least, we end up at Karolinska Institutet! One of the world’s largest and prestigious medical University, oooh yeah. We were guided by Tina, one of the Uni’s digital ambassadors that is doing a bachelor in Biomedicine now. The campus is crazy beautiful, mixed with the classic red bricks and super modern buildings and classes.

When it comes to our live stream for the day, we had one guest for each one of the Universities, so we had six people showing in the screen talking about student life. In the end, our conclusion was that all universities were amazing, but with different focuses: SSE for business, KTH for technology, SU for everything and KI for medicine. The best thing to do would be to choose according to your course and the type of school you want to study.

End of Stockholm day. Next post: Gothenburg!



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