Campus Tour: Gothenburg

Another post, another city. This time is Gothenburg for yoooou!

I must admit I loved this city more than I thought I would. Actually, I’ve heard so many good things about Gothenburg that I already loved the city before going there. So let’s start!

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and the University of Gothenburg is the third-oldest among the Swedish Universities. And that was exactly where our tour started, in the Humanities Building in the heart of the city, under an amazing sun that kept shining through the whole day. In that same building, we met Herolind, one international student that would show us around and that also gave us amazing t-shirts and bags from the Uni.

The campus is spread out all over the city, so to get to other buildings we had to walk around and that was when I fell in love with Gothenburg. The city is amazing, full of life and we all joke that has a special air, something that just makes you wanna stay there. I must admit that the buildings I saw there were amazing and who followed us on social media saw that, since I kept talking about them haha


After visiting some cool buildings, we end up going to Chalmers University of Technology! This University is mainly focused in technology, natural sciences, architecture, maritime and other management areas. So it has a more specific focus when it comes to the courses and programmes you can find. About 10% of Chalmers students are international and the number keeps growing. There we also got some t-shirts, but these were the only one we didn’t get to keep for our collection 🙁

But while there we got to do some really cool things. Like going to a super cleanroom, also called the Nanofabrication Lab used for research into and fabrication of micro and nanotechnology. So pretty sci-fi stuff. For example, we had to dress up so we didn’t bring any “dirt” inside the room that could damage the research. Also, got to be inside a car constructed from scratch by one of the students we met there. (By the way, we met Gimmy there and he used to study at Chalmers, so check his posts!)

PicMonkey Collage

After that it was play time! And we went to the famous amusement park in Gothenburg: Liseberg! You have no idea how happy I was haha We felt like kids and got to ride the big ferris wheel they have there. The view was amazing, the lights we’re all sparkling when it started to get dark and the smell of popcorn and amusement parks foods were all around.

PicMonkey Collagea

I really have no idea how to describe how much I enjoyed my time in Gothenburg. Amazing city with amazing universities. Also, one more thing: don’t forget to watch the live stream we had there with one student from the University of Gothenburg and one from Chalmers, talking about the student life in Gothenburg and of course about how is it to study in the Universities.

Hope you liked this post! See you on the next one, we are going to Jönköping!

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