Campus Tour: Jönköping

Time to discover Jönköping!

So this one was a big surprise for me. I actually, never heard about Jönköping before, not even about the University, especially the town and the life there. So everything was extremely new for me. I couldn’t even imagine how much I was going to like this place.

We start off by meeting our tour guide for the day, Mark, one of Jönköping’s university international students. And I already started to freak out because he was wearing OVERALLS! And I mean, I freaked about that the whole day in Jönköping, so if you followed us on Snapchat or Instagram, you saw that. He also gave us the t-shirsts for the day!


But anyways, we strolled around the small town and it didn’t take too long for me to start loving it. The city is by the river and I mean: <3 The University campus is also spread out in the city, just like Uppsala and Gothenburg for example. I think it is very common for swedish universities to be in different places in town, specially when they are small towns like Jönköping. The uni has four different schools: the International Business School, the School of Education and Communication, the School of Engineering and the School of Health Sciences.

But now comes my favorite part: THE OVERALLS! I was freaking out about it, because I think it’s such a good idea to make the University’s experiences even more memorable and also to keep it after school is over. So let me explain what the overalls represent. So after admission in a programme, students are invited for the Overall Ceremony, where every department has one color (so, engineering students get a green overall and communication students get a blue one, for example). Then the customization starts! The course you’re doing will be represented by a stripe on the sides of the overall that also has a specific color. And for every event that you participate, every party or conference for example, pacthes will be given to students so they can glue it to the overall. You can tell the difference between the students that just started and the ones that are studying for a longer time by checking how many patches they have! Isn’t this just amazing?

Oh overalls… ? / Dena #swedena #studyinsweden #overalls #jönköpinguniversity @jonkopinguni

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Some other universities have overalls too, but generally they are only for Swedish students doing their bachelors. So I think Jönköping University is the only one that has it for everyone, even for the international students. I ended up the day wanting one for myself! 🙁

Last but not least, don’t forget to watch the live stream we did that day! We talked about the overalls and went around the welcoming event they were having for the new students, so there were people getting their first patches, listening to music, meeting new friends and more! I really loved Jönköping University, especially because of the international vibe, the proximity between the swedish and international students and the student experience!

Jönköping: Done! Next: Malmö!



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