A Friendly Rivalry: Sweden vs. Denmark

Sweden vs Denmark. This blog post is the ultimate guide to decide which one is the winner in this friendly rivalry. 

I hate comparisons. Period. Trying to figure out “which one is the better” is a silly idea, which does not make any sense at all. There are numerous sayings explain why it is pointless. For instance, I am pretty sure you heard of “there’s no accounting for taste” or” beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “it’s different strokes for different folks”. I started to learn Latin and they also have similar saying such as: “de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum”. So everybody agreed on what a silly idea making comparison is. 🙂

Yet as a human being, I can’t keep myself away from comparing stuffs, which really catch my attention. For instance, I am a huge Apple Fanboy and I often find myself comparing Android devices with Apple products. Another example, you would be surprised to see how picky I am, if you would attend to one of my friend group’s extensive wine tasting nights with at least 10 different wines from Chile, Italy, France, Turkey or Greece (Hint: Mostly, French wines win:) ).

Therefore I am here today to make a comparison again…. But this time, it is between two rivals: Sweden and Denmark:). They both are Scandinavians, they both are the happiest countries in the world, they both are sharing a bridge, yet they are always making fun of each other…

To make my point clear, of course, it is just a fun rivalry between these two countries, and in real life, they love each other… well, I hope so :P…Anyway…

The next week, I am travelling to Kopenhagen for a meeting and I always plan beforehand to discover a place. That’s why I found some funny comparisons between Sweden and Denmark to make my trip much more charming. I am looking forward to seeing these differences in real life. Here we go!


If you are into football, I am pretty sure, you at least once, watched a game between these two European countries. If you have not yet, World Cup Playoffs are good chance to watch one.

Anyway, when I was checking news about the cup, I have stumbled upon a forum where users were over-eagerly discussing an image. And yes it was hilarious! A screenshot from the match between Sweden and Denmark makes its point very well… SWE vs. DEN


Danish people emphatically imply that Sweden is Swe-Denmark, while Swedish people don’t do any remark:) Of course, it is just a coincidence but let’s be honest; it is funny enough to make fun of:) For your notice, when Sweden is playing with Denmark, it is SWE-DEN. The remaining letters, not used, are DEN-MARK.

Language is a big problem.

Yes, there are hundred neighbor countries where their citizens talk different languages. But the language rivalry between these two countries are more than “not able to understand each other”:) Even official @SwedenSe Twitter account made fun of Danish language while posting a meme mentioning Official @Denmarkdotdk Twitter account.

Denmark has an answer for that…

It is somehow funny to see the two countries, whose combined population is lower than Paris Metropolitan, New York Metropolitan or Istanbul Metropolitan, are using two different languages and blaming each other in a fun way.

Issue of Flags

In the same “Twitter War”, Danmark also blames Sweden to copy Danish flag. But this claim only comes after @SwedenSe refers to Uppsala University as the oldest in the region and Denmark copied it.

The flag has been a topic for internet memes at least couples of times. In fact, one of the most shared meme about “ the conflict” on 9GAG is shown below:).


As a matter of fact, Swedish flags have better colors – Yellow and Blue- but maybe this is only me feeling in this way because I am so used to have a “White and Red” flag:)

Bottom line, both of two countries are wonderful enough in their own way. I have Swedish and Danish friends and it is always cheerful to watch them when they are friendly discussing about their “superiorities”:). If you are lucky enough, you may encounter one of those discussion in your friendship group and you may notice that it is much more fun than the discussion between Android and Apple Fan boys. They both are great, they both are fully functional but yet they have their own differences:)

In this scenario, Sweden is an Apple device  and Denmark is an Android one. Because I am an Apple boy and I live in Sweden. 🙂 To add more deepness to the comparison, I have to mention that Finland is Nokia:)

You may want to check the latest war between Sweden and Denmark (on Twitter) to keep yourself updated about this fun rivalry.




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