Podcast episode 2: Sweden and Coffee

It feels like there are very few things that are truly sacred in Sweden – democracy, equality, public holidays and…coffee! Why is it so that Scandinavians consume the hot, bitter beverage like there’s no tomorrow and Swedes keep the lead position in nation-spread coffee addiction for years? The second episode of Study In Sweden’s podcast investigates.

There are a few things that are cherished in the Swedish culture like nothing else and probably the most important of them all is the culture of coffee. Despite most of the coffee being brewed with the quickest and most affordable methods possible, the amount of coffee consumed by Sweden and its Scandinavian neighbours are astonishing – the average Swede drinks four cups of coffee per day. This alone was a strong enough argument to produce an episode on our podcast “Sweden And…” about the one and only habit that everyone assumes you practice when living in Sweden.



It’s not only the coffee itself that is responsible for all the fuss. The Swedish custom of fika – a coffee break that is “spiced up” by something sweet, preferrably a pastry – is something impossible to miss when reading about Sweden, travelling around here and of course, when living in the north. However, fika is not only about having a break from work or studies – it’s a chance to catch up with friends, make meetings more relaxed and just socialize as coffee makes Swedes energized, hard workers that otherwise would exhaust themselves way too much (this last bit is a personal theory, so feel free to add your own assumptions of fika necessity in the Swedish culture in the comments!)


In this episode I talk about my own coffee journey in Sweden, touch upon the history, get some slightly weird stories on specific coffee habits from my classmates and interview Anne Lunell. She owns the title of having Sweden’s best roastery, has represented Sweden in world barista championships and is a co-founder of the coffee brand Koppi, which has its flagship café in Helsingborg, south of Sweden.


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