How to winterproof your room

Winter, the coldness and darkness are inescapable, but let’s face it, it is not over yet. In fact, much of it is still ahead of us with the shortest day of the year yet to come, and some more month of snow and ice to be expected. This is the season of making cookies, watching christmas movies, drinking lots of tea, and reading nice books. Since many of these things are going to happen at home, I though it would be a good idea to give you guys some advice on how to winterproof your room!

Many of the corridor rooms or empty flats were probably not the coziest place on earth when you moved in a couple of month ago, but now it’s time to change this! With a large proportion of your days spend inside, make home a place you like to be. With these simple but effective tips, your room will soon be your favorite place to be!

  1. Lights

This is a very Swedish, as well as obvious tip: in a country where it’s so dark outside, you have to bring the light inside!

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Invest in some little lamps that can be distributed all over the place and give your room a nice and warm light. Ikea, Clas Ohlson, or Flying Tiger are places that sell lots of different kinds of light bulbs, light chains, or christmas lights for not too much money 🙂


  1. Candles (more lights)

Candles not only light up the room, but they immediately create this cozy feeling. They smell good, warm the place and make every meal, movie, or book just a little bit more comfy.



  1. Lots of blankets and pillows

This is very essential! Grab a book, make a tea, and cuddle up in tons of pillows and blankets and you will immediately remember why winter is a great, and often underestimated, season.


  1. Make sure it’s warm

Most importantly don’t sit at home and freeze!!! This will bring your mood down and make you curse the Swedish winter. If your landlords set the heating too low, just trick the system and buy an extra heater. They are not too expensive (this one was about 500 kr at Bauhaus), and are worth every penny!



Or just forget about all this crap and buy a cat. Life is generally better with a cat.



Stay tuned for more tips and tricks




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