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A day in the life of an engineering student

It’s no secret that a Master’s degree in Engineering is a demanding task. Let me take you through a typical day of my life:

6:00 am: Wake up, rush and get ready for that 8:00 am class. Eat a typical student type breakfast of bread, milk and such. Make a quick lunch.

7:00 am: Catch the metro, put on music and go to university

7:45 am: Pick up coffee and head to class
8:00 am: Reach class, learn, take part actively in class, get information about an upcoming homework assignment.d6fab588820c52a5b6b8b395b292dae1_classroom-clipart-for-teachers-free-classroom-clipart-for-teachers_1300-1129

12:00 pm: Lunch. Heat and Eat the lunch you made in the morning, or grab a burger. Catch up with your classmates and relax.

1:00 pm: Go to lab. Work on all the technical stuff, in my case, GIS, soil testing and such. Learn tools to work on your project.

5:00 pm: Finish lab. Meet up your group mates in the library to discuss about the project work.
6:00 pm: Finish discussion and head back home. Take the metro, put on music.
7:00 pm: Get home freshen up, eat a quick snack. Skype call parents back home.
7: 30 pm: Work on home work assignment and do your part of the project.

9:00 pm : Make and eat dinner.
10:00 pm: Watch a sitcom and unwind.
10:30 pm: Finish up work and make schedule for the next day.
12:00 am : Sleep.
Wake up and repeat !

P.S : Some days (emphasis on some), are less hectic 😛

But hey, no pain, no gain right?

Stay motivated and work hard! All the best to all of you starting a new semester from the upcoming week!

-For now, your Swe-desi Seafarer signing off. 🙂

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An Indian student studying Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Email : supritha.studyinsweden[at]
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