Anonymous Mice: The Cutest Townies of Malmö

Sweden is full of surprises… More often, they are cute, smart and charming surprises. I have stumbled upon an Instagram account which is proving that I am right about Sweden. Meet with @ AnonyMouse, one of the cutiest Instagram account I have ever seen.

Malmö is a city where everybody may find his/her place without any problem. Citizens of the city, without any hesitation, is the warmest people of Sweden and the city is living its best days thanks to the extreme diversity and welcoming atmosphere. Apparently, this is not for just people, but also animals.

#anonymouse #anonymouse_mmx #Malmö

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According to Anonymouse, the account was inspired of having no stores for our rodent friends in Sweden. So, in Malmö, they decided to equip the streets with tiny shops for our little sweet friends. Some of these small businesses sells hazelnut, peanuts or cheese. I am pretty sure the project is one of the cutest and creative art installations of my life.

Here, I listed some of Instagram pictures and I am advising you to check different hashtags on Instagram to find out how Swedes are welcoming every life beings.

#anonymouse #Malmö #anonymouse_mmx

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Who may refuse to have some cheese?!

#anonymouse #anonymouse_mmx #möllan #Malmö

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Shopping in evening… Lonely streets and warm store windows…

#anonymouse #anonymouse_mmx #Malmö

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Passing by a store by bike…

#anonymouse_mmx @anonymouse #möllan

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If you have similar installations in your home town, please share as comment. I would love to see them!


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