Winter in Malmö

It’s so dark out there, even though it’s only 16.00. I make my way slowly through the snow and try to readjust my scarf, so it covers my face properly. I don’t feel my fingers anymore as I try to move them around in thick gloves. If only my lock hadn’t froze I could have biked to school… Well, that’s how some of my friends from back home imagine my days in Sweden. But it is NOT how it is here. Let me set a few things straight…


I realised that by all the snowy pictures you see on our Instagram and blog you might get a misconception about how winter looks like in the south of Sweden. In Malmö, which is placed right at the southern end of Sweden, next to Danish Copenhagen, our days recently don’t look like the picture above (taken up in the north). Instead we have no snow and quite a steady temperature of +2 Celsius degrees. So I decided to take you on a walk with me to show you winter in Malmö.

winter10 winter11

I convinced my classmate Raya to go for two walks with me so I could snap a couple of pictures for you. First, we headed for the green roof of one of the university buildings. It’s pretty neat, isn’t it? As you can see, days in Malmo are quite sunny already, with no hint of snow.


Look at me, casually staring at a wall with Malmö Univeristy logo. What a nice wall.


“Are you trying to show them how warm it is, Bila, that you didn’t put your jacket?”

Ok, back to being serious. We really didn’t have much of a winter here, in Malmö. It only snowed a bit and this kind of snow that diseappears the next day, before you even manage to build a snowcat or something. Instead of snow, the most characteristic thing about winter is darkness, overwhelming darkness that makes you feel like it’s already middle of the night when it’s only afternon. But even this seems to be passing as it seems to be getting darker later and later these days. (Today it was still bright at 16.30, yay, we should have a national holiday!)


This is the view from the entrence to my Univeristy building, can’t stop being all excited about it, soooo nice. Again as you may have noticed: no snow. No wind. No people (well, it is a small town after all). 


Common, follow me! Let’s see the university.


Yep, just as I thought. That’s the university.


Malmö is definitely warmer than other big cities in Sweden, I felt the difference when travelling to Gothenburg or Stockholm. I don’t even have a real winter coat, just the same ones I was wearing through autumn. Even when it was colder, in December (-2 C), it was enough with just a sweater underneath. Need I even mention that I went through entire winter without wearing pants even once? And biking all the time. So if you are planning to come to study to Malmö, you might not need as many sweaters as your mum wants you to pack.


(Click on the picture to enlarge it!)

Before you get all excited maybe I should mention that I am from Poland. So I am used to lower temperatures during winter. If you are from South America, maybe grab those two extra sweaters. And also, I would probably still wear a skirt in -20 C.


Another thing to mention is that this year is probably very unusual. Unusually warm. I checked that the wheather on January 2016 reached -16 C! And now we heave a steady 2 C. Well, I am not complaining.


It’s getting dark so maybe it is high time to end our little walk. I hope you will no longer think that Sweden is just snow, ice and polar bears on the streets. (But if you want to see that* then check out Andres post about Lapland, a typical student trip for most of internationals coming here.)


*can’t promise polar bears

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