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Another Campus Tour is over and now it’s time to give you very detailed blogs posts about our amazing tour in the North of Sweden. In case you missed the tour live on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook – which I think you didn’t right? – we still got your back! Ivanna already started with our first location: Kiruna! Here you can check Day 1 and 2 of the Campus Tour!

On Day 3 we spend the day in Luleå! A city with 75,000 habitants and the home of the northernmost university in Sweden: Lulea University of Technology (LTU – Lulea Tekniska Universitetet). So if you want to go as far in the North of Sweden for an amazing experience with snow, very low temperatures and northern lights, this is your place!

Church Town of Gammelstad

We started the day at the Church Town of Gammelstad, whish is a UNESCO world heritage site! It’s the best-preserved church village in the world and it’s from the 15th century, so yes it is old, so that is why is also called the old town of Luleå. And it is beautiful! One of the main reasons? The town is full of those SUPER Swedish red cottages – there are more than 400 cottages like that there! Me and Ivanna were freaking out and taking a million pictures of them haha Also, the bright red of the houses with the snow is just perfect! <3

I want a red house like this ? / Ivanna #swedishvanna #studyinsweden #Luleå #Sweden #redhouse #unescoworldheritage

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Design Workshop

After Gammelstad, it was time to start the CAMPUS tour of the day. Luleå Tekniska Universitet was funded in 1971 and as I said is the most farnorth Swedish University, with fours campuses in Luleå (the main campus), Piteå, Skellefteå and Kiruna (as you saw in Ivanna’s last post). There are 17 different Master programmes offered by the University, so you have a lot of options! But what we did inside campus was awesome: we have a Introduction to Product Design!

We started with a brainstorm about how our product – a pendrive! – should look like. We had to think about things that are important for use in a product, the shape, what was the different feature offered by it and so much more. We also learned that while brainstorming, you can’t judge the ideas, everything is welcome!

We were in a circular room, with walls made of white boards, so it was the best brainstorm environment! After that step, we decided on 3 designs we would use for the modelling part. Here in the photo we can see that we have a gray clay that you can mold in a big version of the pendrive, and when the clay gets colder it gets harder, it’s ready to be printed! 

The photo from instagram shows the last step where the machine scans the model and creates a 3D version in the computer so the 3D printer can make its magic in a smaller version of the pendrive! I always get so impressed with this kind of technology, especially knowing that it’s available for students.

Live Stream

For lunch, we were in an amazing typical Swedish old house in the middle of the campus in Luleå University. The place was so so cute and Swedish that we had to chose it as our livestream location haha

For the livestream we had two differen students talking about life in Luleå University. They talked about being a student, about being so far in the north and even about finding typical food from their home country in Luleå for example! haha It was the longest live we had and in the end, we went outside to show the snow and a bit of the campus. My favorite part is that the students said that they saw the Northern Lights so many times that it’s just like seeing clouds in the sky hahah (okey, they didn’t say that, but they saw it a loooot of times haha)

Even if you missed the livestream, you can still watch it here:

Campus Tour Winter 2017: Luleå University of Technology

At Luleå tekniska universitet, Sweden’s northernmost university, Marina and Ivanna chat with international students.

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Last stop of the day, we head off to one of SSAB industries in Sweden. SSAB is a company specialized in processing raw material to steel and it was so cool to see the process of making steel! haha I never thought I would say something like that, but oh well haha The place was huge and we got to put special suits to get inside: safety first! We also learned that students can write their Master thesis with SSAB, how cool is that? Awesome opportunity!

We finished the day by driving to Umeå, which is the next post you will read about the Campus Tour! Hope you liked it and continue following us everywhere!


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