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One more day on the Campus Tour! You already read about day one and two in Kiruna, about Luleå and Umeå, but today is all about Östersund, a very special city with a very curious location. Östersund is the most centrally located city in Sweden, BUT it is also located in the middle of Scandinavia, the middle of Jämtland County AND in the middle of the Municipality…. That is why the city is known as “centre of Sweden“. What a precise location, right?

Mid Sweden University

Due to its location, the University in Östersund is called Mid Sweden University (Mittuniversitetet) and there they offer one full international Bachelor in Ecotechnology and nine international Master’s programmes in different areas, so there are a lot of options for you! Also, the University main campus is in Östersund, but there is also a campus in Sundsvall.

Our tour in the University started with going to different buildings and meeting people from different departments. The campus is not that big, but because of that everything is very close! When we went to Östersund the temperature was getting warmer so the snow melted but there was a lot of ice in the floor, so we had to walk very slowly everywhere haha

Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre

Östersund is also known as the Winter City, since a lot of outdoor activities in the snow happen there, as well as big competitions in cross-country skiing, biathlon, speed skating and more! That is why in Mid Sweden University there is also a research environment dedicated for Winter Sports! It is part of the University’s Department of Health Sciences and it was an amazing place to visit. In the Centre, elite athletes get to train, test their performance and run some exams, how cool is that? But the cooles part is the international Master in Sports Science offered by Mid Sweden University in partnership with the Research Centre, since students have access to all the cool equipment and machines available at the Centre for their own research.


For the livestream in Östersund we met three international students, one of them doing the Bachelor Programme in Ecotechnology and two studying a Master Programme. We talked about life in Östersund, the weather, student life and one very interesting thing called “Ski Week”! We also take a walk in the building and went inside the library, so you have to click and watch this! For this livestream we have two videos but just because we had small technical problems hihi 🙂

Campus Tour Winter 2017: Mid Sweden University

Marina and Ivanna meet international students at Mid Sweden University in Östersund, Sweden’s most central city.

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Campus Tour Winter 2017: Mid Sweden University, Part II

Marina and Ivanna meet international students at Mid Sweden University in Östersund, Sweden’s most central city. Part II.

Publicerat av Study in Sweden den 16 februari 2017

This is a little selfie with the international students that told us everything about Mid Sweden University and Östersund!


After our campus tour we had to see more of Östersund! So we went to a place called “Vinterplayan” or Winter Beach haha there we did one thing that Swedes looooove: sauna! We just stood there by the river and relaxed for a couple of hours before hitting the road again. The place was right in front of a ski track and it was beautiful to see! Me and Ivanna had the best time there.

This is it for Östersund! I hope you guys liked it and found interesting information about the most central city in Sweden. The last two posts will be in Dalarna and be ready for a lot of fun!



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