It’s “Sprinter”☃

It’s almost mid May and it’s still snowing in a lot of places in Sweden. I live in Stockholm, we had a few bright and sunny days in the recent past, but it’s been snowing pretty heavily for the past couple of days here. So today, amidst the snowfall, I mustered all my will power to go to class (Believe me,I debated with myself for 15 minutes if I should leave my warm and toasty bed and go to class or not, but, being the nerd that I am, I eventually decided to go), and saw that all my classmates were feeling the same way. And then we joked about the Swedish Spring, had a good laugh and all of us felt a little better. Laughter is sometimes, truly the best medicine.

So here are a few memes and jokes on the Swedish Spring! 😀 I hope this gives you the chuckles and your day gets a little better too!

What do people usually do in Spring?

Eat a picnic outside and soak up the sun?

 Ride a bike and take in the spring breeze?

Go for a run and get back into shape?


Do the ice bucket challenge?


Stock up their mini fridge with ice cold drinks and ice creams?

Celebrate Valborg and get ready for spring?

Here’s what snow in spring feels like: 

Lets hope that it gets warmer soon! Till then enjoy Sprinter! or like Phineas and Ferb call it, Swinter! 😀 

So for now, let’s stay calm and await the sunshine 🙂

-For now, your Swe-desi seafarer signing off! 🙂 







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