5 Apps to help you spend wisely in Sweden

It is common knowledge that Sweden, specifically Stockholm is an expensive place to live in, especially as a student. But, there are many ways to ensure you spend less and save more!
Here are some Apps and Websites that will help you spend better when you’re in Sweden.

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1. International Student Identity Card

This website, gives students offers in many categories, from food to travel, there are many discounts that students can avail. They have an app too, called “ISIC Benefit App” .

2. Karma

This app is a good way to save money, eat well, and be environmentally conscious and sustainable! You can get food, ingredients etc for half the prices and you can sell as well !

Source: Karma App

3. Hold App

This app is super useful for students who spend a lot of time in their universities. Just turn the app on, and collect point when you’re in the university and you get rewards from different convenience stores, ranging from free coffee, sandwiches, a lunch meal etc depending on how many points you’ve collected.

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4. Lidl (or you’re favourite grocery store) app:

You can get many discounts by using the store apps. There will be offers on certain days, so using the app will help you shop smartly.

Source: Lidl App

5. Subway app:

This app gives daily deals for Subway. As a student, we might have to grab a quick meal outside. Using the app gives reduced prices and discounts.

Source: Subway Sweden

So go ahead, save and spend wisely 😀

-Your Swe-Desi Seafarer signing off 🙂 



An Indian student studying Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Email : supritha.studyinsweden[at]gmail.com
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