Semla | Source: Mona Loose/ Semla | Source: Mona Loose/

International Students Opinion on Semla

Finally, a real reason to look forward to February. I’m talking about Fettisdagen or The Fat Tuesday, a day where everyone in Sweden is obligated to eat semla buns.Not that eating this bun on another day is not acceptable, but I feel less judgement when eating them a lot on 13th February. The combination of cream, almond paste and cardamom buns are amazing. However, is semla really as magnificent as I praise them to be? In order to be objective, I asked the other digital ambassadors’ opinion on this pretty bun.

I categorized the opinions into three groups. They are The Semla Doubter, The Semla Admirer and The Innocent. Let’s see what the other digital ambassadors said about semla.

Half priced semla? | Source: Sania Saraswati

Half priced semla? | Source: Sania Saraswati

The Semla Doubter

It feels like this group is led by Andrés as he boldly said, “Hahaha, I feel like the semlas are super overrated but I’ve only had one so I can’t really say anything about it.” There, I quote him. He tried it only once, almost a year ago, and was not impressed. Maybe that is why he finds it difficult to remember the taste. Other than this, he said that it was messy to eat. What about a hamburger? That food is a mess to eat but it does not stop people from eating them. I guess haters gonna hate.

The Semla Admirer

Anita and Bowen agreed in saying that semla is sweet and creamy. Although, Anita chose fluffy to described the bun, unlike Bowen who said that semla is soft. Emma joins this wagon after she decided that it is fluffy and delicious. After trying her first semla, Inez defines it as, “Less of a sugar overload than I expected. But really delicious! Wish they made those all year around!” I can not agree with her more. Despite having too much cream, Sanjay concluded this delicacy was nice. Supritha defined this bun as, “Fattening, heavenly, and guilty pleasure”. When I know that these are how they describe semla, I feel like I can trust them for eternity. Such wonderful people.

Cafe or bakery, find them here | Source: Sania Saraswati

Cafe or bakery, find them here | Source: Sania Saraswati

The Innocent

While Carolyn has yet to try semlor, Raeed falls to this group as his first semla was…soggy. So he agreed to not count this first try. Oh, but he said that it was creamy and really sweet (not sure which group he will go to after the real first try, hopefully, not to the dark side). As much as I want this dessert to be inclusive, sadly I have not found a gluten-free and vegan version of this bun so Lara can not try hers yet. I wish for a better future, a world where everyone can enjoy their semla according to their diet preferences.

Have you got your own semla today? If you can not find one in the bakery around you, why not try making your own? Leonilla shared the recipe here.

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