7 of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in Sweden

Sunsets are very magical when you’re paying attention. I remember when I arrived to Sweden, after unpacking and settling in my new place, I went down to the sea – like 10 minute walk from where I live – to watch my first sunset from this side of the world. I don’t know if it has something to do with being so far north, but sunsets here can be truly mesmerizing in every season. It’s a combination between the orange, purple, pink palette of colors mixed with the peace you can almost breathe in the air and touch with your fingertips, the seagulls in the background and in the case of Helsingborg, the boats leaving and coming from the main port.

I just realized that was actually the very first picture I posted in the @studyinsweden instagram account:

But then ‘life happens’ you get drag into all the things you have in your to do list and don’t even make me start with the thesis work process or the common question – what are you going to do afterwards – that you’re not always sure how to answer, and just adds up to the stress wagon. So one tries to minimize all the – distractions – and without even notice sunsets might fall into this category. They still happen and they’re still beautiful but because you’re not paying attention it just sort of slip through your hands, like water.

This post comes as a reminder – to the ones that are already here, and the ones that will come soon, for me and for you – about the importance of making pauses and just allow yourself to laid back for a bit and relax. Yes, you should also work hard but don’t be afraid to take your eyes off your screen for a while and look up, look out. Make the best out of your last months in Sweden. Go out for a walk and enjoy the sunset. Bring a friend along or go by yourself and clear your thoughts. Even if it’s cold or windy, it somehow energizes you.

Here, I leave you with 7 of the most amazing, breath taking, sunsets I’ve been able to enjoy in Sweden. Moments of serenity that I managed to framed in pictures.

  1. Helsingborg

Watch the sunset with me / Source: Ivanna

2. Öland

Walking on clouds / Source: Ivanna

3. Gothenburg 

Colorful city walks / Source: Ivanna

4. Helsingborg 

Postcards with love from the top of the castle / Source: Ivanna

5. Kiruna 

Speechless / Source: Ivanna

6. Jönköping

Body, mind and soul / Source: Ivanna

7. One more of my beloved: Helsingborg

Sailing to the sun / Source: Ivanna

Now go out, to a hill, by the sea, or right in the city center… and enjoy it for yourself!


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