Stockholm Streets /Cecilia Larsson Lantz/

In the streets of Sweden

When you walk around in the streets of Sweden, what do you typically see? 


1. Cute little shops

Flower shop in Stockholm/ Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden

Sweden has a lot of focus on producing and consuming locally! So from big brands like H&M, to small independently owned shops, you’ll find a lot of local shops in Sweden!

2. Access to public transport in every street! 

Metro Station /Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden



This is how a “tunnelbana” or Metro station entrance will look like, especially in Stockholm.

3. Main roads with divisions from cycle lanes, pedestrian walking zone, bus zones and car zones.

Street Zones /Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden

It is easy to walk on the streets, since it is very organised and the traffic system is highly efficient.

4. Amazing Architecture

Buildings in Stockholm City Centre /Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden


Architectural Details /Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden

The architecture in Sweden is a visual treat, from connected buildings, in painted in Paster colours, it makes the streets lively even during the long winter months.

5. Street Style

Street Style /Source: Supritha, Study in Sweden

The clothing style here is pretty minimal with focus on dark toned jackets, to minimal colours like whites, greys, brown etc for sweaters.


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