Dancing in the streets of Skåne's countryside Dancing in the streets of Skåne's countryside

Dancing Di’ Stress Away

Dancing to destress

For sometime I have been meaning to post about how I de-stress  during my studies. You see, reading for a Masters degree is no walk in the park.  There is a ton of researching, writing, presentations, and the amazing group work that everybody loves. I think its very important to take a break and dance once in a while.

My not so unique method is always through dance or music. I have a pretty heavy background in the performing arts, having been a member of multiple groups in Jamaica and Asia. So, after a day of debating in class about various Criminology theories it really helps to dance the school related tension away. Some say dancing may be a more viable alternative for those who view traditional exercise negatively. This means that I also get to counter the effects of my late night snacking.

Where do I dance the stress away ?

Quite often (and to the detriment of my neighbors) it’s in my room, a ‘wake up and shake up’ kinda vibe.  I turn some super energetic music on and then give it a go.

On a larger scale, I found this amazing group of students who had the same idea as me, ‘We should dance away the stress’. Now, I hope you don’t think we are in Sweden crying everyday because we are stressed from crazy Statistics examinations. No, no. The thing is, when in a new country, especially one that is far away from home it is very important to find something outside of your studies that makes you happy, and active. In your case it might be baking up a storm like Ivanna or rock climbing like Carolyn.  For me it’s dancing.

The Dancing Student Group at Malmö meets every Monday  student center of Malmö University and organizes a whole dance and culture mash up. The lessons are always basic so its always easy to join. I’m happy that I got to instruct classes in Dancehall (popular music from Jamaica). Though my schedule has changed because of my Swedish classes (I’ll tell you about that in another blog post) I cant wait do do it again. Check out the video below and I dare you to try those moves.






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