Spring, is that you? things to look forward in the coming weeks

I’ve seen several nests with baby pigeons in my way to the university and what seems like a ‘natural carpet’ made out of white and yellow flowers that are finally blooming. While I write this is 8C outside and the sun is shinning against my window. This can only mean one thing: spring (finally!) has come to Sweden. Ok, ok… at least to the southern part of Sweden.

It has been a long winter, with temperatures dropping to almost -20 C in many cities. And not to mention the “Beast from the East” that brought much much snow from north to south. But the best thing about those cold, dark days is that spring tastes even better!

So let’s start dreaming already with the days to come. Looking back to the last spring in Sweden, here I give you a list of things to look forward to when spring finally – unpack and decide to stay – 

1. Flowers blooming

Doesn’t matter where you look to there will be a splash of colors. It’s like a party just ended and everything is full of confetti.

2. I scream: ICE CREAM!

Nothing like having ice-cream under the sun, with the subtle spring breeze that is not hot but is not cold either. Even better if you’re by the sea. (But be careful with the seagulls because they like ice-cream too – talking from experience -).

3. Cherry blossom

This is one of my ultimate favorites, I’m sure you understand why * heart emoji *

On Mondays we wear pink 🌸 / Ivanna #studyinsweden #swedishvanna #lovespring

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4. Hikes season

Get your hiking boots ready because there is so much to explore in Sweden! Check the nearest national park to where you life, a lake, a forest. Hiking is not only a good exercise but is also a super fun, relaxing thing to do. Especially if good friends join you for it.

5. Did I mention flowers already?

6. Valborg

If you live in one of the main student cities (Lund or Uppsala) this is definitely a must. What is Valborg? Well I will let Sania explain it to you with this post.

7. More day-light, it feels like all of the sudden you have more time to do things

By doing things the inner me refers to writing… a thesis, for example.

8. Canola fields

This is a must! I don’t know if you have hear about Ven an stunning island between Denmark and Sweden. In this time of the year is cover in endless fields of canola. I went there last summer and we bike all around the island. You can take the ferry there from Landskrona and then rent a bike in the island. A spring must!

Sunday mode ☉ / Ivanna #studyinsweden #swedishvanna #skåne #canolafields

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I hope you’re excited as much as I am for the spring days to come. So let’s shake off the winter days, the heavy coats and time to give a big welcome to the must colorful season of the year.


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