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How to prepare before moving to Sweden

Last year during this time, I was in your position. I was really excited to get the admission offer and started daydreaming about the beautiful country called Sweden. I should have prepared myself before moving to Sweden instead of daydreaming so much. But don’t worry I won’t let you make the same mistake. In this blog, I have provided few tips on how to prepare yourself before moving to Sweden.

After getting the admission offer, you need to do several essential things like applying for the resident permit and book accommodation. Supritha has written an amazing blog regarding this, please check it out here. Once you are done with the essential things, follow the tips below to prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime in Sweden. Hopefully, this will give you an edge over other students who are just daydreaming like me.

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Source: Raeed

I have also made a video about how to prepare before moving to Sweden. Please check out the link below

Let me know in the comment section how you are preparing before moving to Sweden 🙂


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