Things to do in Sweden during summer Things to do in Sweden during summer (Source: Sania)

Sweden in the summer: Activities to do

Five days ago, I checked the weather forecast application on my phone and guess what, Stockholm weather temperature was 21-degree Celcius. It was only May but summer hovering over Sweden already.

Summer, it is the season where everyone goes out and be merry. Thanks to the eighteen hours of sun. In the spirit of welcoming the blue sky and ice cream parlour, I want to share a list of activities that we all should do in the summer (other than sunbathing, d’oh).

Barbeque with friends

Finally it is not cold outside so we can hangout

Finally, it is not cold outside so we can hang out (Source: Budi Octasari Susanto)

Before the Spring semester is officially finished, take these last few weeks of having your friends around to do a barbeque party. The essentials are sunglasses, cold drinks, halloumi cheese, and your favourite veggies or meat. Not to mention the charcoal and grill.

Attend a music festival (or two)

Sabina Ddumba on stage (Source: Christianto Chandra Kusuma)

Sabina Ddumba on stage (Source: Christianto Chandra Kusuma)

When the sun sets at 10 PM for a whole month, you know that is the best time to see your favourite artist playing in a concert. Last year Anita and I went to Gothenburg to attend Way Out West festival. It was three days and nights full of the amazing line-ups in three stages and two clubs, non-stop. Imagine all the good times that you can have. Check out Anita’s experience on attending the festival here.

Enjoy the Swedish nature through kayak

Kayaking at Färnebofjärden (Source: Sania)

Kayaking at a national park, Färnebofjärden (Source: Sania)

I must say that at first, I was sceptical that I would enjoy this activity because I never try it, however, I am thinking of doing it again this summer. See the story on my first kayak trip here. I really think you should try it because it was one of the highlights of my summer last year. You can rent and do kayak at national parks or recreational parks. I think this activity is also good for family since my parents enjoyed it during their visit to Sweden last summer.

Celebrate Midsummer like a Swede

Midsummer in Dalarna (Source: Per Bifrost/

Midsummer in Dalarna (Source: Per Bifrost/

A Swedish tradition to celebrate summer. Usually, it consists of flower wreath, dancing around in a maypole, music, and lots of happiness. Many Swedes will go back to their hometown to join their family and friends in this celebration so you can find this festivity all around in Sweden. However, the biggest is in Dalarna.

Swim outdoor

It is not as warm as you think it is (Source: Maurice)

It is not as warm as you think it is (Source: Maurice)

Alright, now I have to wrap up this post because I really think I need to go for a swim soon. Do all of the activities above and you are good to go for another winter. See you on the next ‘Sweden in Summer’ post!



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