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Taj Mahal To Drottningholm Palace: Guide for Indians to Study in Sweden

From the city of diverse culture to the city of contrasts, a travel from Delhi, India, to Stockholm, Sweden. Being an Indian I went through many processes from the application for Studies in Sweden to getting settled in Sweden. Through this blog post, I would like to explain about the process that everyone should go through when applying for Studies in Sweden.

Find where your passion is…

Higher Education in Sweden. Credit: Magnus Liam Karlsson/imagebank.sweden.se

This might seem silly. But this is the most important step in your future of doing a higher study. You must evaluate yourself, on what would you like to concentrate on. Is it Engineering, Arts, Science, Business studies, it’s up to you. Everyone has a different opinion. Everybody is good at so many things. So, deciding where your life must go is up to you. Once you made up your mind, then it’s about finding the right place, Program and University.

Sweden, Yes. Why I do my masters here?

Study In Sweden.Credit:.Simon Paulin /imagebank.sweden.se

When I decided what stream should I do my Master studies, the next question was where? I had to go through a lot of research for this. Then one day I came through a blog post, 5 reasons to study in Sweden. I was quite impressed with the post and the country.

Being a technology undergraduate, my passion leaned more towards, innovation and creativity in the field of technology. This independence of mind and the fact that everyone can make their voice heard are two of the reasons why Sweden ranks among the world’s most innovative nations. Another is that investment in research is among the highest in the world in relation to GDP. Another factor that I loved about Sweden was the sustainable environment. Environmental issues are a high priority here, and Sweden has been named the most sustainable country in the world for its use of renewable energy. Sweden is aiming for 100 per cent renewable energy production by 2040.

Oh, is that the program I am looking for?

Robotics Engineering. Credits: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

Finding the right university and program was much easier with StudyinSweden website. All the information regarding the program I was looking for, University that offer the program and the credit for each program is given.

Let’s start the application.

All applications for studies in Sweden are done though Universityadmission website. The process of applying will require the person to create an account and apply for the program. There is a fee to be paid for the application, which can be paid using any major credit cards. The key dates regarding the admissions, like last day of application, etc. are also available on the website. Information regarding required documents is also shown when you start the application.

Second Important Document to Travel…

As we all know the first important document we need to travel anywhere is our countries passport. The second important document to go to any country is the Visa or Residential Permit. To apply the residential permit for Sweden from India, we must log our application through the migration agency website. For the process of making this application, we need some documents like Notification from the University regarding selection in the program and receipt of first-semester fee payment (If you are a fee-paying student) and some other documents which can be seen in their website. Once you log your application, wait of the application status to change to decision pending.

Delhi Trip…

Embassy of Sweden, Delhi. Credit: Gabriel Sebastian

Once the application has been registered for a residential permit, we must go to the Embassy of Sweden in Delhi to give the fingerprint and photo taken. The embassy open for the process at 9 am IST. But it would be advised to reach earlier as the queue is formed in a first come first serve basis. You will require your original passport and print out of the application to complete this.

There is two option that we can choose how to receive the residential permit. One is to collect it from the embassy. It would be great for the residents of Delhi. The reception of the residential permit in the embassy will be notified to you by mail. The second option is to receive it by blue dart courier. For this method, we must pay a fee for the sending the residential permit card to the address we give, which can only be paid using a card. So, make sure to carry a card inside if you are looking for this option. And for receiving your card you must make sure that the address you give is serviceable by bluedart. (Information regarding the service availability is there I the bluedart website.)

Let’s investigate flight tickets

Booking flight to your trip needed to be done early, to get a better deal. Flights booking can be done with many websites. Some of them are MakeMyTrip, Booking.com, etc. You can also look into the individual website for different airlines, like Air India, Jet Airways, Lufthansa etc. Details about the capacity of language that can be taken on the flight will be displayed on the website.

There are many airports in Sweden. Book the airport which is close to your location. Most important airports are Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN), Gothenburg Landvetter Airport(GOT), Stockholm Bromma Airport(BMA), Malmö Airport(Malmö Airport), Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO), Luleå Airport (LLA), Umeå Airport (UME).

Some airlines have been known to give free extra baggage allowance for students. For the information regarding this, you must consult with the airlines.


Shopping Before Moving to Sweden. Credits: Tove Freiij/imagebank.sweden.se/

You can plan what kind of clothes you must bring and make the purchases accordingly. My tips. Pack light. Packing the essential items will help you not to forget the important things. Don’t forget to get some winter clothes. Jackets, Scarfs, woollen or leather gloves etc. There are lots of stores in India who sell jackets for colder countries. They look expensive but worth the price.

Another important item to pack as your medications. Don’t forget a doctor’s prescription and bills of the same while you pack.

Get some masalas and spices and learn some home recipes. These will help you lot to keep you from homesickness and missing India.

Don’t forget to pack some universal power adaptors. Some of the 3 pin plugs in India will not fit in the sockets.

If you need to know more about things to buy from India to bring to Sweden, drop a comment.

Find the tips for packing to Sweden in the posts below.

The Essentials

Study Items


Before you start packing the items make a checklist of things that you believe you need to pack. This will help you to keep things organized while packing. And always look into the luggage limitations of the airlines.

You can also parcel items which weigh more are not essential for the first days in Sweden. Like books, Framed Pictures etc.

Sweden, here I come.

Flight to Sweden. Credit: Gabriel Sebastian

On the day of travel, double check for all the documents that are required before you start to the airport. It is advised to reach the airport early to go through the emigration and check in Smooth. When you check in your luggage make sure you check in till your final destination. So, you don’t have to check out and check in every time you have a flight change. (Should check if this is available with the airlines. If there are connection flights with different airlines, a through check-in might not be possible.).

And I Reached

And final you are in Sweden. Many universities pick up students from the airport on the day of arrival. (Information regarding pick-up will be shared to you by mail by the university or will be available in the University website.)

If you are reaching early, you can book hotels. Hotel booking can be done through MakeMyTrip, bookig.com and other famous websites. I would also suggest looking into Airbnb to book rooms, as there are cheaper than hotels.


Have I missed any Key information, please let me know in the comments below.


And Welcome to Sweden.



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