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10 signs you’re a Chalmers student

Chalmers University feels like a microcosm within the city. It’s full of engineering students who have a disposition towards a very quirky, charming sort of fun. I’ve found that this results in a pretty interesting campus culture. Want to know more? Here are 10 signs you might be a Chalmerist!

1. Didn’t pack lunch? Express can save the day

Sometimes choosing between the regular Express option and vegetarian Express option is difficult… But either way, you can’t go wrong with a big lunch for only 45 kr.

2. Your favourite café is Bulten

Everyone knows this is where you find the best coffee on campus – with a free refill if you sit down! And the best soup. And the cosiest vibes – perfect for sitting at the window with a sweet snack and watching the snow fall in winter.

3. You can do everything with your student union card

Who needs keys when your student card opens all the doors? Literally and figuratively. Your card grants you access to buildings. Need to buy lunch or a coffee on campus? Use your student card and enjoy that sweet, sweet discount. Going to a Chalmers-only event? Don’t have printing quota? Writing an exam? Your student union card is always the answer.

4. TimeEdit is your personal assistant

“Are you free at 14:00 on 24 January 2021?” someone asks you.
“Hold on… let me check TimeEdit.” you respond.

TimeEdit is the platform used to book academic activities. It shows the dates, times and venues for all your classes for the next study period. It’s vital when planning several weeks in advance!

5. You’ve been to a FestU party – or two

During the excitement of reception, you’re up for every event there is! So you and all your new friends just have to go to FestU. And you do! But then classes start… you develop a close personal relationship with the library. Suddenly, FestU just seems like a distant memory. Unless you’re an Erasmus student – then you probably go to every single one.

Reception time at Chalmers! | Source: Usisipho

6. You know what happens on the first Thursday of every study period

Can anyone say Pubrunda? For one night per study period, the campus has a completely different vibe. This is the one night where staying on campus until late is usually pretty fun.

7. The following numbers mean something to you

6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 55, 158, 753.

They’re probably not winning lotto numbers. Nor are they the mysterious Lost numbers. If you go to Chalmers, you might recognize these as all the different tram and bus connections that can get you to/from campus. I think we’re fortunate to have so many connections!

8. You can communicate your location with one or two letters

If someone calls or texts and asks “Where are you?”, a few letters is often all you need to tell them for them to be able to find you. For example: “SB, M, HA, and F” are all common answers to the question. Who needs a GPS pin when a single letter will do? Although, honestly, Chalmers Maps is vital for new students!

9. Lab coats, overalls, and boards around people’s necks?

No big deal.  Just another day on campus with Cortègebyggare, nollan or student society/ mottagning members. Move along, nothing to see here… but, if you’re interested in learning more about Cortègebyggare check out my post about Chalmers Cortège 2018!

10. PingPong is not a sport, it is life

Love it or hate it, PingPong is probably your most visited website, and rightly so. Gotta stay on top of that course material, right? But with many courses now switching over to Canvas, its days seem to be numbered.

The view from Chalmers library, probably after spending hours on PingPong | Source: Usisipho

Interested in becoming a Chalmerist? Feel free to email me with questions!
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